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I would like to see a beta program that people can have a direct hand in testing products before they come to the market. I know we have similar but it’s usually after products are released…unless I’m missing something and just haven’t been part of a beta test


I’d love to see more happen on the Canadian Power User platform. I never really see anything on there anymore. I personally think testing and reviewing products is a lot of fun. ^-^


Second a beta test program suggested by @elmo41683. A good example being the recent SoundCore Pro issues, Anker could have saved a lot by identifying issues early on!


As it’s been requested a few times and for some threads it would be useful, addition (or enabling) of opinion polls within threads. Not only can polls make threads more interactive but would give @AnkerOfficial a better set of statistics for whatever is being discussed such as requests, product ideas etc, etc, without having to manually scan the whole thread for those in favour / against.


As has been said before, I would really like a different colour theme for the forum. The light grey on white background is really not good for my eyes. It makes reading difficult at times.

There are many excellent suggestions in this thread - Features or changes you would like to see come to the Anker forum?


A trip down memory lane. Probably one of the first threads I ever created on the community :smile:


I knew this thread reminded me of another :slight_smile: Nice to see the search function does work!

As some others have suggested in the past, I like the idea of a dedicated mobile app for the forum (mainly for push notifications)!


A separate tab for product reviews and have them categorized

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I also have issues with my eyes from time to time. Try inverting the colors on your device there are also many applications to help with eye strain.

Thank you for keeping the community safe.


As several others suggested a mobile app for the forum would be a great option. I spend a lot of time on my phone and away from my computer. At the house we have limited internet access but a ton of mobile access. So we spend most our time surfing the web from our phones. Viewing the forums on my phone isn’t the greatest experience and a dedicated app (iOS/Android ) w/ push notification options would make it easier for me and others to be active on the site.

I also think a beta test group to help test out your products would be helpful for everyone.


For the computer I know of “f.lux” automatically adjusts throughout the day.

I wear glasses and waiting to get some with a blue light filter coating, which I think helps too.


Beta tests are normally direct email offers by Anker, not that dissimilar from how the Power User program is at present.

Really? I don’t have a big following but wish I could be a part of that program. @AnkerOfficial should make it so community members get early access or something, that would make being active on the forum even more desirable.

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I have been a beta tester for numerous companies for the past 10 years or so, but sadly I just got an email today saying I was turned down for the power users program…go figure.

Most prominent companies I test for include Netgear, Amazon, Newegg, Linksys, Microsoft, Apple and various other smaller companies. I know where I stand for reviews and forums but sadly they are not all compiled into one place like the power program wants

Ok, so I think there have been too many posts over the past few months that frankly would have been better off had they never went through the Anker Community and directly to Anker’s support team. I’m not sure if there’s a misunderstanding that support one’s specific product is going to be directed to or what. Because I’m pretty sure @AnkerSupport does not process returns/exchanges through this forum.

I must give a shoutout to @AnkerSupport because he/she has been providing some really in-depth, thorough, and helpful explanations recently. We all thank you for that and I hope to see you more often around the Community! :blush::pray:
You and @AnkerOfficial are the experts for everything Anker! Thanks for all you do, everyone! I look forward to continue my contributions to the community and watch as this place continues to blossom!


There are some differences between Beta test and Power User. In prior to the release of our product, we will pick up members who are creditworthy to test our products, giving us some suggestions. They are only a small part of the crowd. But now we are rebuilding Beta test and PU system, expecting the new application system will be launched in October!:grin:

We are rebuilding the PU page now, it will be online in October.:grin: