Anker Re[Charge] Livestream

UPDATE: I’ll post the recording here when it’s ready. cc: @professor

We’re going to New York City for a product launch.

Since I couldn’t bring all of you with us, we’re livestreaming the event.

Tune into Youtube at 7 p.m. (NY, NY time) on Tuesday.

I’ll be interested in your feedback on this event, the experience of the livestream and of course the product announcement!


12 midnight UK, 1am CET.

In the past these were held earlier.

Too late to change the time?

Of course I know all your products you’re going to announce, I’ll share thoughts once you’ve announced them.

Enjoy NYC! I was living there 2011 near to the One WTC new build.


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Scheduling the timing on these things is hard. 7PM EST is 4PM Pacific, still during the working day for west coast. Scheduling for 2-3 hours earlier means missing the lunch break hour as well, and that most of the US is not going to be able to attend during their 8-5 shift.


And we the few here over the pond?


I see the “old boy” ist still absolutely perfect

And here are one of the best guitarists playing together!

Sorry, didn’t intend on making your feel alienated. I personally think there should be a rotation of different countries/time zones; I also know that can be prohibitably expensive and logisticaly tough (if it is physically overseas from a HQ).


Never have any problems with that.
Me, “the old man” needs to sleep. “after midnight”


Agree no perfect time and agree to rotate times.

I think i know what the new Anker Product is :slight_smile:

It is a wearable charger for the new Apple Vision Pro :wink:

Am I correct, time will say !

We’ll keep you updated. Unfortunately, our primary obligation regarding time is the journalist community based in NYC.

Hahaha! I mean … maybe!

Me, too. No screens 2 hours before sleep time. Or else … wake up throughout the night and begin day cranky

There really is no “past” with this event. It’s a special event. :slight_smile:

and for these events, they will be focused on getting as many journalists there as we can. Sorry, community. You’re my favorite channel, but PR has some expertise on these things, too:)

You’re not inviting local NYC Anker fans this time?

You have in the past.

There was also an event in San Francisco open invitation I think (can’t find it)

I wasn’t at the 1st fan meetup but I did attend Anker On Board in 2019, in NYC:

I would have like to have gone to this year’s, since it’s also in NYC @AnkerOfficial


You’d be a prime candidate user to attend and can balance the journalist’s views.

@ktkundy I think works local too (and yes I know traffic is bad so may be challenging.

I managed to get locked out of my main account a couple of years ago (logins changed from username to emails or something and it created duplicated accounts…in any event, (me) and I am going tomorrow! I am from the metro and super excited.


Cool. I’d have hoped more could come but at least 1 > 0.

Were you going anyway as part of being journalist or asked as a community member?

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I was asked as a community member. I have been a bit more active on Facebook and Instagram (since I had lost access to my main account here). I intend on taking a significant number of pictures and videos. I understand you are already privy to information, but let me know if there is anything in particular you want video of.


Pick up, touch, size, weight. Computer generated mockups and “coming soon” isn’t quite as accurate.

Take a weighing scale? :wink:

Did I mention my tent pegs are 6 grams each.

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