Anker On Board 2019 In Photos

I was invited by Anker as Media to this event, showcasing upcoming products by Anker, Eufy, Nebula, Soundcore and a joint venture with Steelcase. Thank you Mr. Steven Yang, Kevin Shinkle, Stella and Elaine for the hospitality! And congrats @AnkerOfficial for now having your products at EVERY Best Buy store!

Here’s the official Press kit with all of the info.

And here are my photographs of this fun event with some Anker Swag at the end :wink:

Anker founder Steven Yang:

Kevin Shinkle:


I hope you get to keep that flare mini and cables. Amazing photos as always

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Excellent photos.
Thank you.
Some new products are to be seen.
Is there more information?

Love the colours Powerwaves.

Excellent photos as usual @Dez_S! Looks like with have a few new products on the horizon…the Trance for example :star_struck:

Awesome! Glad you got to go to the event! Enjoy the swag!

Thanks all. Here’s the official Press kit with all of the info.


Awesome! Thanks!

Unless I am mistaking this stuff hasn’t been talked about yet…

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Thank you for sharing!

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They are very aggressive in getting the news out as we heard they would announce today and release products in November?

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Great photos and glad on of our member got the press invite for the invite. Congratulations @Dez_S and enjoy your gifts.

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That’s awesome! Great photos, @Dez_S!

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I was also one of the lucky ones to be invited to this event! It’s crazy how few years ago, you wouldn’t expect Anker to pull off an event. They are really growing strong. Can’t wait to see it evolve over time too!

how did you get your hands on the flare btw?!

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Wow, how exciting that you got to attend. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

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I want all this stuff.
I’m loving the new modern designs, something I think has been lacking from Anker.

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Thank you all. It was fun and informative. I’ve always liked new tech that makes life simpler, and saw some examples of that last night.


Great photos and info.

Thanks for sharing. Some of those new products look great aesthetically and technically.


Agreed. Nice job @AnkerOfficial

Nice photos and thanks for covering the event and posting it.

Glad you got to keep Flare mini,USB-C connectors andPowerPort 10000 PD Redux :+1:

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