Anker’s First Fan Meetup! (Poll)

Hey Anker Fans

Have you ever wondered what Anker is like behind the curtain? Do you want to see some of our new products, interact with us, or maybe even look around our office? Well, now you can.

Introducing… Anker’s first Fan Meetup!

We are inviting you, our fans, to attend our first meet-up here at our Seattle base. We want to get to know you and show you Anker—behind-the-scenes style! We’ll get some new and unreleased products in your hands, challenge you with Anker trivia, and even have you design a product that our product managers may look into creating! The meetup will last about two hours and is slated to take place during the week starting March 18th.

Let us know if you can join us!

Would you like to come to Seattle to attend our first fan meet-up in March?

  • Yay, I’d love to.
  • Sorry, I can’t make it.

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If you can make it to our meet-up, fill out this survey to RSVP!

Don’t worry if you can’t attend this time. Let us know which city you would like us to come to next!

  • Downtown Fayetteville, NC
  • Downtown Nashville, TN
  • Downtown Atlanta, GA
  • Manhattan, NY
  • Downtown San Francisco, CA
  • Downtown, Washington DC
  • Downtown LA, CA
  • Downtown St Louis, MO
  • Downtown Chicago, IL
  • Center City, Philadelphia, PA
  • Downtown Seattle, WA

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For fans outside the US, tell us where you think we should head to for future meetups in the comments below!

Edit: Changed date of meetup to the week of the 18th of March.


Come to the uk we would love to see you there👍


UK based so that me out :frowning2:

Hopefully some of our US members can gets some good photos and behind the scenes gossip to share for us on here :slight_smile:


Sounds like it would be fun to attend and check out all there is to Anker. Unfortunately, even if they had it in Downtown, LA in California… I’m not too keen on going down that way due to traffic, parking, and overall atmosphere.

I am based of San Francisco Bay Area, would love to attend if it’s in downtown SFO. Hope Anker plans here soon!


I’d love to attend the Seattle Meetup but unfortunately the budget just doesn’t permit the trip at the moment.

But like @cshenoy I too live in the SF Bay Area about 25min from downtown SF and look forward to a Meetup in the future :sunglasses:


Come to Boston :grinning:

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Munich would be good!

Space enough!


I went to Hofbräuhaus! In Cincinnati and it was awesome :clap:

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That is NOT the REAL Hofbräuhaus! Copy! :joy:

I know but that’s all we have

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Too far for me, but I would love to see you guys on the east coast!

I’d love to come I just can’t make it :confused:

When you ever show up here in München, we meet each other.
You’r welcome!

There are much more places to go and have a beer.
Guests and tourists will not find these. :sunglasses:
Bad for them, good for “old bavarian citizens” :grin:


Aww man I Just checked the date, thats the day my son has a school trip that I have to chaperone. Otherwise I would use some of my vacation time and take a trip over that way to see you guys…

@AnkerOfficial I don’t know if y’all remember but I had a dream about going to the office there and meeting everyone. Would be amazing if I could make that dream a reality. Sadly its on a date I couldn’t attend and your also 2800 miles away so idf either have to fly or drive.

If y’all can make it here to North Carolina I would love to attend and meet everyone.

whoever does end up going and meeting y’all, please take lots of pictures and keep everyone here in the loop


Sound nice! Unfortunately Seattle is pretty much a coast-to-coast road trip I’m not able to take right now…

You could charter a plane from the UK for us :joy:
Have fun, those who are going :ok_hand:

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Private jet full of soccer hooligans sounds like a recipe for disaster :wink::joy:


They should totally have a competition to meet the mastermind behind Anker and all the office people and forum people. It could be a one person ordeal where they fly them out there or it could be a handful of people, either way I say I’m in and i wanna win if they ever do that