Anker’s First Fan Meetup — How Was It?!

For those of you who attended Anker’s very first fan meetup, how’d it go? Pease share your experience with us!

If you took any photos at the event, upload them here! Did you get your hands on any unreleased products? Also, if there’s any information you think the community would benefit from for upcoming meetups, please fill us in!

Finally, feel free to let @AnkerOfficial know what could have went better, so the team can make adjustments for the future.

W’re all eagerly waiting to hear your story… Power On!


Anyone get a pic of “Anker”?

What photos did you take @ankerofficial


LA or San Diego? I will ask for the day off at work and see you guys there.

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I too will make the drive to LA! Even San Diego! If it does happen we can ride together @tugar32 LETS GET THE PARTY STARTED!!!

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Yet to see if any one made it to the meetup. Nice to see few pics and comments.

They should try again in a different place :+1:

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SF please … :pray:

Did anyone go? :cold_sweat:

I don’t think any member went by the looks of it


Dam! That was a great opportunity just wasted! I can guarantee I would go if they have it in Downtown LA! Pics and all!


Yea if they were closer to NC I’d definitely go :+1:

I think all of us here in NOrth Carolina would have gone.

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Yea looks like a lot of us were willing to go. Let’s hope they listen to the community and they either bring it here or somewhere close to here :+1::sunglasses:

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@AnkerOfficial as it seems no one wanted to talk about the meet up event, why not you share few pictures, memorable moments and any gifts to the participants :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
This would definitely motivate future meet up events you may be planning (I hope)


Yeah, come on, spk up

Was this a total fare/fuck up, or did anyone meet?

A comment from you would help.

Hey All! We ended up rescheduling for the 20th! So it hasn’t happened yet!


Then the question above was invalid and no point posting. It’s also caused confusion.

Thanks for clearing up the confusion, @AnkerOfficial! Probably would have been best to also post this update in the Community so we all weren’t left wondering… just for the future!


@AnkerOfficial Set one up in San Diego or L.A.

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