Zolo liberty volume fix!

Since my liberty+ lost all volume in the right ear it bothered me not knowing what caused it. So I got my replacement from Zolo, and figured I can’t make the bad ones any worse. So I set out to figure out what the cause was, I took apart the right earbuds. First I started with the gold mesh, I removed that and found a cloth covering under the mesh…I believe this is what causes the most issues as earwax heats up it becomes liquified and sticks to this cloth. Even cleaning the mesh the cloth underneath still remains clogged…or so I though.

I removed the cloth covering and found a ton and I do mean a ton of black glue that held the cloth in place, it was so bad that it seeped down into the chamber where the speaker is. I used angle pointed tweezers to pick out and remove all the glue. Once o cleaned up the right earbuds from all the residue I paired it to my phone and voila I had sound back again. Similarly I took apart the left earbuds only to find the same thing, except there was not as much glue in the left earbuds where it blocked the chamber. Once I cleaned that earbuds up, the total volume was even louder than before.

So if your experiencing volume loss, I recommend removing the mesh and cloth cover and cleaning them out. I know this may void your warranty, but because I already had a replacement I decided to see. I will post my pictures later as I’m at work and my main phone inside s dead.
Hope this helps those of you who are having similar issues.


Awesome job @elmo41683 and some great tips there for the folk to try out. Maybe @AnkerTechnical can feed this back to the production line too.


First rate job @elmo41683 :ok_hand: …photos or video would good for those who are technically savvy or daring enough to want to attempt an out of warranty repair further down the line…and for further improvements to be made by @AnkerTechnical & co

In warranty though I would like to highlight that resolution via service@zoloaudio.com should (and I think would) be the preferred point of call :smile:


Intriguing. I’ll say taking apart such a small piece without the proper tools might be challenging - I guess I need to find some pointed tweezers!

I’ll wait for the photos, though. Better to be on the safe side.

These are the works I like so much
Repairing things!
Often you detect things you never thought those would exist. :wink:

I remember when I was still employed I did a of those “researches”.
Mostly changing batteries and displays of mobiles from the coleagues.

Imagine the views that would get on YouTube :scream:

That’s what I was thinking, certainly would rack up a couple of thousand…

Is the cloth cover maybe the reason why the earbuds are waterproof?

Good job! I love taking stuff apart. and yes, another vote for a YouTube video :thumbsup:

Great job, I like taking apart tech and love it even more when I can fix it. Would love to see a video or pics of it.

Could you upload photos if possible?

Here are some pictures, sorry not all of them came out. apparently some of them were too blury.
Here is the gold mesh

Gold mesh removed…cloth cover revealed, yup all gunked up

Cloth cover removed

Gunk inside

Gunk removed


Smoker’s fingers?

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Sorry about my dirty hands and fingers, no longer a smoker haven’t smoked since last year. Just workers hands, had to do some work on the car as it’s snowing now and had to work quickly. Didn’t really wash my hands when I did this. Just jumped right into it


Ahh in England we have curry fingers

Yes I am very familiar with curry fingers, love me some curry chicken.

@AnkerOfficial any chance you can pass along my findings to the Zolo team to make them aware of the excess glue or whatever that black Gunk is? It’s not from earwax or anything from the body as the mesh screen and cloth trap everything and this was on the inside

The earbuds are suppose to have a Nano coating and the way it’s sealed, along with the button and it’s rubber coating helps to seal it off. The cloth covering is most likely to prevent addition stuff from getting past the mesh screen and entering into the sound chamber

Here you can see the zolo button cover removed

And here you can see the clear button has a rubber sleeve underneath that also prevent water/sweat intrusion from how it is affixed. And inside the circuit board…sorry for the blurry pic


Don’t mind your fingers.
Better to have “honest worker fingers” which are able to do such a difficult work than to have manicured ones which can do nothing.:wink:


If you intend to do more of such repairs in the future I would recommend such a magnifier.


A video would have been better had I thought about it at the time. As it was the pictures were almost an after thought too when my wife told e I should take pictures so I can put it back together properly, lol. Luckily I didn’t break it down all the way so it’s rather easy to put back together and I got to share the pics with folks here

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