Zolo Liberty+ Issue - Lower volume on right bud

I just experienced this issue with my Kickstarter Gold edition. Reset and clean did not work. They are offering me an exchange for standard black or refund. I’m having a hard time deciding. I loved these until just now. Has anything changed during production to reduce the likelihood of this happening again?

I know they upgraded the mesh grill not sure about hard wear or firmware updates.

Check my post on a fix


Came on here to say that for me at least, this was definitely a hardware and not a software issue.

I thought that the right bud was somehow totally disabled. Tried to reset, repair, and run down the battery to reset, none of which worked. After reading this thread, I checked and realized that no, the right bud was not silent, it was just very very quiet.

I used a pair of electronics tweezers and removed the gold foil. I removed the black cloth strip underneath, and now the right bud has full volume. I put the gold foil back in place. Hopefully it doesn’t fall out inside my ear.

I’m on my 3rd set of earbuds now and it has just become faulty. Disappointing as I thought these ones would be keepers.

Has anyone got a known-good batch or something I could quote when asking for my 4th pair? I’d rather have a working set than a refund, but don’t want a 4th faulty set.

Read my fix Here
It’s not that they are faulty but the rubber/cloth gets gunked up and blocks all sound. Removing it restores full volume

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I had this problem with my right ear bud. I connected it to my MBP, played music with a lot of bass, and got the Q-Tips and rubbing alcohol. It took 4 Q-Tips to fix. I dipped one end in the alcohol, held the mesh up, applied pressure and rubbed the mesh. Then I flipped it over and rubbed it with the dry end. It started sounding better on the second Q-Tip and was clear and loud after the fourth one. Hope that helps.

I have 2 sets. Both started to get quiet, right earbud first. Q tips fixed them both today!

Elmo - I have to be honest, I thought the cleaning the earbuds fix was bogus. However, I did it last night and removed what looked like a tiny sponge, and with a fingernail cleaned gunk off the gold mesh and it worked! Many thanks!



Your very welcome, glad it worked for you


I have the same problem, but wth the left earbud. Was all working fine and then nearly silent. Your fix of stripping it down and removing something might well work but we should NOT have to. It’s not in the remit or instructions that one has to dissect bits of an earbud every so many hours. It’s ridiculous. I shall be phoning Support on Tuesday. Not happy as it was a great product; now I’m not so sure.

Save from stripping them down you can always clean them with alcohol and a qtip. Let it sit for a bit and then suck on them to force remove any gunk…these headphones are not the only ones to be cleaned this way or have this issue as the earpods do too and if you look it up, they have the same cleaning method

I have the same issue. I’ve tried all suggestions to get this fixed, but still the same issue here.
It looks like a faulty production series?

My Liberty + was bought in January.

Have you tried my fix Here also try depleting the battery and then charging them up fully

Have you ever tried the volume balance slider on your phone. Just try it and if there is still a low volume on faulty earbud, go for a warranty claim. Plz also check if the earbud is blocked due to ear wax

I had this exact problem with my first pair of Zolo Liberty+ (from Kickstarter), but in the left earbud, I contacted support and they sent me a replacement pair. Then 2 days ago the exact same problem has happened again! Left earbud has decreased in volume! I tried cleaning them, but still not working correctly!! This can’t be down to user error if everyone is having these issues??

Take a look at my post above and give my fix a try, many have reported it fully restored their volume loss.


Just try following three tweaks;

  1. try to change/check different settings of your phone equalizer and if any improvement (try surround effects as it distribute the music more precisely into both speakers)
  2. if the above option fails go to settings and search for volume slider. Slide it towards the problematic side (left I guess) see if the sound increases.
  3. try to switch your settings from mono to stereo or vice versa.
    If nothing helps then the 4th and last option;
  4. Go for a replacement again.(I am using Liberty without a + and I guess its better as I tested + for couple of days and disappointed)

Hi, I had the problem with the Kickstarter Gold Edition, got a new pair from Zolo and now they got lower in volume slowly.

I decided to remove the gold metal filter instead of cleaning with Alkohol. If you do so you will find a second filter layer in black. This combination seems to be the problem:

If for expample you use the Zolos with a small rest of moisture after showering in your ear channel, these two layers of filters will cover any kind of dirt fast.

This fast effect was the reason I thought about an electronic failure.

But after removing the filters both pairs sound great again!

I you leave the channel open there is a risk of damaging the drivers.

These combined filter construction protects the drivers from moisture and dirt, but will always block the sound after a short period of time …

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To me the easiest possible solution is to remove the tip and suck the air through the channels (by mouth in my case or with some suction instrument) without removing the filters. Then clean the wax or dirt with the help of cotton swabs. Repeat it as many times as required.
I use to do it once in a week and it helps me alot.