Zolo Liberty Problem

So basically I have Zolo liberty’s, I must say they’re pretty great. The only problem is that the left earbud is completely disconnected. It turns on and off and makes the noise for that, otherwise it makes no sound and has no function when on. It’s happened once before and I contacted Zolo service but now the same instructions don’t work. If anyone can help me it would help.

I recommend trying to clean them, beyond the normal clean as others have reported similar issues and doing this for them

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So basically there is a cloth filter behind the metal mesh that gets clogged up and needs to be removed. I have found that the easiest way to do this is with q-tips and high strength rubbing alcohol to dissolve the glue.

Tools that you will need
•90% rubbing alcohol
•4 or 5 q-tips
•one or two cotton balls
•a plate or something solid that you can set the soaked cotton balls q-tips on
•super glue

Step 1) apply a liberal amount rubbing alcohol to cotton balls
Step 2) rest the earbuds on the soaked cotton balls metal mesh facing down for 5 minutes. the goal here is to soften the glue while avoiding getting any unnecessary rubbing alcohol in the headphones not that it would do much or any damage anyway
Step 3) soak q-tip and rubbing alcohol and while holding the head phone / earbud metal mesh towards the ground spin the q-tip on the metal mesh until the metal mesh and cloth filter are released from the earbud

At this point you should be able to hear the headphones for loud and clear

Step 4) throwaway cloth filter
Step 5) clean up any residue where you will be replacing the metal mesh
Step 6) thoroughly clean the metal mesh
Step 7) apply a tiny amount of super glue to the earbud will you where you’ll be placing the mesh
Step 8) replace metal mesh and give glue time to dry
Step 9) sit back and take pride in what you have just accomplished

I suggest not removing metal mesh. Recently it got loose in someone’s ear sending them to ER.

It’s fine as long as you properly glue it back in place😎

Well…in that case all risk is yours :fearful:

I’m comfortable with that it worked on my set that was repaired months ago and I think super glue is more than capable of permanently holding tiny piece of metal in place.

I recommend gorilla super glue gel.

I’ll try the cleaning. Hopefully it works.

Not to mention I think it would void the warranty…if any was still present…

Correct. @jmooney7272 Why not try to get a warranty replacement rather than doing it yourself?

I agree it makes more sense to get a replacement set then you can use this fix if the problem happens again down the line with your second set.

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