Soundcore P2 life

I have a pair of Soundcore P2 Life earbuds which I have had nothing but trouble with since I received them.

It is worth mentioning, this is a replacement set which I received in early January after my previous set stopped functioning properly (after owning them for less than 4 months).

Basically, on my daily walk I have noticed that after 20-30 minutes the right earbud slowly gets quieter, until the point where I cannot hear it at all. It has done this repeatedly for the last week or two and now there is no sound at all coming from it. I have reset the earbuds, re paired them, fully charged both the case and the buds and still I cannot get any sound to come from the right earbud. I have also tried suggestions from this forum such as keep my mobile phone closer to the right earbud but none of these have helped.

Are there any suggestions that will resolve this issue by forum members / staff before I send yet another complaint off to their support email?

I purchased these earbuds on the basis of their fantastic reviews but it appears I have been given 2 sets of duff earbuds.


This typically works for all low or no sound related issues. Cleaning the earbuds properly goes a long way into making sure they operate tip top shape.

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I’d look for debris within the right earbud. Typically earwax.

If none of the tips mentioned above works, contact support :+1:

These types of issues are rare with Soundcore products. Check for debris. It only takes a few seconds.

If it doesn’t contact support, they need to know this is the second time this has happened.