eufyCam Software Update and New Timeline

Thanks for the heads up @AnkerOfficial will be watching for the FW update…:eyes:

OK, but you already had years, in the case of eufy cam about half a year already, to do it better.
Every single update, no matter if app or firmware, needs a public changelog. Thanks! :thumbsup:

And please just do not try to do it better, just do it!

Good to know. I don’t think I’m ready to be eufycams yet (Partially due to the price :grin:). I may pick some up next time you do a really good sale on them :joy::wink:

I really need a widget for Android.
I want to be able to quickly change the modes from “away” to “home” or to “scheduled”.

Also I want to program NFC Tags to do the latter.
So when I go to bed I can just lay my phone on the table and activate the alarm system.

Also I would really like more customizability. The schedule should be more flexible (in terms of different devices).

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As eufy is still not releasing update notes for ALL UPDATES, not matter if app, homebase or cams (shame on you!) at a centralized spot or site or thread or whatever, i can at least show you here what they published about the changes in the latest App-Version (1.2.5_199 EU):


  • (+) The Icons (Battery, Motion-Detection, Range) are bigger now and much better to see/read! :thumbsup:
  • (+) The Battery Icon is now “colored”, i guess: green/yellow/red depending on the value (?) and animated if charging (and showing a little thunder smybol right of the smybol instead of centered at the symbol like before) :thumbsup:
  • (+) Don’t know if this is just coincidence, but at the first moment it seems that loading and playbacking the recorded videos is much faster?! :thumbsup:
  • (-) The Animation could become very much and fast annoying for people like me, who has several cams connected to solar panels and those are charging 50-70% of the daytime! So this is not thoughtful and the animation should be OPTIONAL as the charging status is still shown by the little thunder symbol :thumbsdown:
  • (-) The Battery Icon is still 5 bars and NOT the exact percentage value as requested by many for months(!) (there should be at least an option to choose if bars or percentage finally) :thumbsdown:
  • (-) The Events “page” has been overworked but unseen/seen videos are still not distinguishable! What is the big problem to mark unseen (never opened) videos “bold” to make it easier for people like me with hundreds of videos per day to check whats old and whats new?! :thumbsdown:

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport

Eufy, seriously, why not making like everthing or almost everything OPTIONAL if you anyway change things or symbols?! … This way everyone can choose his favorite setting, symbol, whatever … listen to the community! They are your PAYING CUSTOMERS. Thanks.

By the way:
I would really appreciate if you finally start working off the TO-LIST which has been filled since months by eufy cam users with a lot of senseful and helpful features and improvements:

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As several months have passed without any change/improvement in this case and to not forget about this important task:



Your timeline has expired, possible to tick off what’s been completed (hopefully all of it) & give us a new one from July onwards?
@AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical


Hope dies last … +1

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Hello!@yamyam Sincerely apologize for all disappointment caused! We’ll continue forwarding the concerns of new updates to our engineer team and hope they can accelerate the related process. In the previous months, they’ve released HomeBase Wi-Fi setup, improved the camera sensitivity by firmware upgrade, introduced beta test for activity zone and geofencing, etc. We do know there still a long way for us to go. Please rest assured that all eufy team members will keep working! Thank you!


As long as you keep walking the eufy cam way with us (or alone) … until the end and all work is done … no problem. But as longer the periods without updates, fixes, improvements, new/updated features or at least timeline infos and upcoming firmware update details are (posted by eufy/anker at the forum) … as harder it gets and hope fades.

But as said … as long as there are still people working at/about/for eufy cam and they still listen to the community, an no other products or future products gets focused mainly … everything is ok so far.

But it’s time to be more “active” in the forum … answer all the questions, feedback, reports, ideas and suggestions! I now it costs some time … but this way we know you are not dead or sleeping and still listen.

Continue with the good work and keep the updates coming to satisfy your kings … the paying customers.

Thx :heart_decoration:

App-Update incoming!

Thank you @AnkerOfficial for the very detailed and extensively explained App Update! :+1:



There is a lot of “work” splitting the community into ANKER and Soundcore.:roll_eyes:

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Don’t forget all the work they’re putting in on the eufy community :joy:

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Jokes of the year, thanks guys :clap:
I would :rofl: if it wouldn’t be so true, serious, shameful and sad at the same time.

@yamyam you may want to check this out

I know you was worried about the camera battery, it turns out that the homebase has 1/5 of the original life

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In the meanwhile nothing surprises me any more when eufy is talked about :roll_eyes:
They already lost me and the hell will need to freeze before i buy any more eufy product.
Cashing in over 3 million dollars and then delivering a non-finished product with tons of issues which development already ended a couple of months after release, even if there are plenty open promises and features. wow.

And on top, the try to hush up everything since months!
The customers and critics will come to silent sometime, they think.
As long as there are enough customers they can trap with the cam, they will not change their behaviour and product policy i guess.

Can’t tell you how much frustrated and disappointed i am.

Excellent job done eufy! :clap:
… at least your bank balance is right!

Hey guys … wanna have a hard laugh? (or better say shock)

See this joke:

Ugly as hell and even on eufy cam 2 they havn’t fixed and done the activity / motion detection zone issue correct at all! Even if we tell them since months HOW it MUST work for legal reasons. OMG … they just don’t listen: [eufy cam] Motion Detection Zones aka "Activity Zones" - Issues

But we know now, approved with this post i linked at first above:

R.I.P. eufy cam 1

… i do not believe they will invest any more fix, update, improvement or features they promised for eufy cam 1 or even some hours of work to at least the current issues. Not to talk about the eufy cam range extender! :rage:

Now we also know WHY the hush up everything what has to do with the eufy cam 1 and it issues and open problems and missing features!

Remember 1: eufy cam 1 is how old?! … correct … 9 fuc**** months, and already “dead”.
Remember 2: eufy cam 1 has how many issues and uncompleted features? … correct … a lot! +++ GENERAL eufycam TODO-LIST +++

Great work eufy. Wonderful. :clap: You really know how to alienate customers.
And me idiot recommended eufy cam 1 to a lot of friends and neighbours. Thank you eufy, i can explain them now why eufy cam 1 is already “end of lifetime and real support/development” after a couple of months and why i need to say sorry to them for telling them to buy eufy cam. THANKS!

But hey, at least you got another product (eufy cam 2) to ask cash for, even if the first (eufxy cam 1) isn’t even old, outdated or in any kind “finished”. wow… :dizzy_face:

Yes i am unsatisfies, yes i think this is no way to handle customers and supporters like us, yes i am frustrated, yes eufy gives me every reason to be aggro!

I curse the day when i found eufy cam on kickstarter … really … and i am more than sorry to say this just 9 months after this product has ben retailed and i invested hundreds, if not thousands of hours in this community and for this product. Not to talk about the bunch of money.


Applause eufy … applause … :clap:


Start leaving the negative reviews then. Get your friends who have them to do the same.

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Maybe with the upcoming homebase they can upgrade/fix a lot of those issues and not brick the old cameras. As an act of good faith maybe offer an exchange or DEEP discount to current owners so you can upgrade/swap just the base if there are major improvements