eufyCam Software Update and New Timeline

@2XS have you signed up for being a member eufycambeta test?

Ok @AnkerOfficial
I just hope we will get patchnotes and firmware update notes emmediatly after bringing them “on air” or even some time BEFORE. … Currently we do not get them at all, not before, not right at the launch and not even after releasing them.

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Beside the quality of thuis prodtuct, there are some negativ points from my perspective:

*The installation
of the whole system works just with the creating of a online account.

*RTSP Streaming to Synology Surveillance Station
is not stable.

*Streaming outside of your LAN is just working
over Relay-Server.

*It seems that there are delays of recording
bevor it starts.

*It´s not possible to blurry out parts of the recorded are. As an example neighbours garde, or the public street. In some countries of the EU its not allowed to record this.

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Excellent idea! Of course this “blurred” area should also then not trigger the recording!

I have added your idea to my TO-LIST as Point #18 - see here:

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Wow, your list is growing @yamyam

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Indeed @Ice1 … but only, because eufy doesn’t start (or accelerate) working off the list :laughing:

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May be eufy is working on a new camera design with your wish list in mind. :joy:

You mean eufy cam Revision 3.0? Following origin eufy cam (Rev.1) and eufy cam E (Rev.2) ?
Possible, i would support this but hope eufy cam C (Rev.3) isn’t as ugly as eufy cam E :upside_down:

By the way: eufy cam C stands for Complete :ok_hand:
Alternative: eufy cam F for Final :vulcan:

… or just “eufy cam YE” for Yami Edition :heartpulse:


This was mentioned long ago and eufy are apparently working on it, UK if not EU law stipulates that you must block any neighbors windows, doors, enclosed gardens for privacy

One of the reasons mine is boxed back up, waiting for this and other fixes

Any UK and EU owners be careful where you point your cameras, if a neighbor complains and its found that you can see in / on their property you can be in big trouble

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Good to know, I believe there are no such regulations in North America.

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Reminder: We are waiting since WEEKS for any reaction, comment, update, news, changelog or even an info or answers from eufy/anker here!

eufy does not give a very good picture in here. Just saying, sorry.

Please delete your link, there is no place here for political Sides , let’s keep things mutual and content in here

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Who do you think you are?
I might tell you, but I am a polite man.

(Meanwhile it has been deleted, fine)

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@yamyam As already stated, the community is non political so please refrain from these types of posts. The topic is about Eufy cams so let’s keep it based on that…

Also just because you can’t see any news/updates, it doesn’t mean they aren’t being worked on in the background :wink:


Whatever, wasn’t political, was sarcastic and the link was funny satire. But ok.
I knew i would startle some cowboys :grin:

Read carefully. Our complain isn’t about that noone is working on fixes, updates or improvements. We complain about NO CHANGELOGS in weeks/months! We do want to know what has changed, fixed, edited, added. Before or right after the release of an update, and for every update. Thx.

I’ve already invested about 2K € in eufy cams and homebases and would like to knew what an update is doing exactly. Not only to be informed, but also to check it, as some previous updates has been making a lot of trouble or have been bugy.

Apart from that, releasing update notes or changelogs is part of the good manners of a company.

I did…hence my response based on what you typed above…

OK @ndalby … but it would be nice to get some official feedback, answers, response from anker/eufy of how and if they will handle the update notes in future. :thumbsup:

Because during the kickstarter campaign, we got very detailed changelogs posted on every firmware update for the homebase and cams, even for the app. But in the meanwhile eufy let it grind since several updates! :sob:

A new update is due to be posted shortly, so I would suggest you raise your concerns and issues once the new topic goes live, as it may or may not cover your current concerns…

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You seem very unmaneagble, regarding your special kind of humor.

Me, and i guess most other customers too, would appreciate if there would be ONE central thread/post or other location, where only eufy/anker team members can post (else the update notes will dissapear in a wall of text and comments and stuff) and where all the update notes gets posted centralized.

Every time opening one single thread is not very purposeful.

One thread, one location, like i thought this thread would be it, and everyone knows where to look and what to bookmark, if interested.