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I’d love to become a tester for Anker!!

I would like to become a tester

I’d be interested in being a tester.

Good revision

The Edit button… Because there’s a not so fine line between sarcasm and super subtle suggestions of skulduggery… and sometimes we cross it.

Edit history… because sometimes that :point_up:

Yeah, it does seem like it’s been forever since we had a testing event …

I’m still bummed about not being selected for the PowerHouse II 400. That seems like a badass product.

I’m pretty sure there is a monthly prize budget and the significant competitions spent it so consequences are less testing and less Powerdraw. That was the answer given in prior years.

November / December there has been

Before that the Powerdraw 1PB 2 week events.

Before that was Testing.


That’s right I have been also told so.

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Agreed they went crazy with giveaways so it makes sense they would have to cut back in other areas. If the annual gift they do is also factored into the budget then that might be another expense if they do that this year like that have in years past

I really miss the Christmas box they sent us in the past, wad the best gift ever at the time. Wish I could get one now


I was only lucky enough last year to get a surprise box a week or two after the new year. I wonder if they will do the same this year or if they will just let that go. The Christmas boxes they had in the past looked really good

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It was best the first time when totally unexpected. Soured when it became expected.

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While true, it was still nice to have been thought of


Last year’s

I agree with you @Tank and also @professor.
Its always nice to be recognised and to receive a gift. But it sounds like in the past people have acted like they are entitled?


I was never really around to witness that :joy:. Will have to dig around and check the boxes. I’m not too sure if they’ll do it this year though because of the giveaways they held as @professor stated

Speaking of that thread I haven’t really seen @Insider on here as much or maybe just not as talkative as usual. Wonder if there will be a speculation thread this year

They have done giveaways in the past and still did the Christmas thing I believe I could be mistaken. If you look at the thread from last year it wasn’t a “Christmas box” but was still a really nice surprise from Anker so who knows what they will or won’t do this year… only @AnkerOfficial truly has all the answer… and possibly @professor using his magical powers :joy::joy:


He has been coming around here but not posting anything. Not too sure what’s going on though

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He got censored for sharing his usual information about upcoming products and the banned anyone from doing so as they changed their rules around so he got blocked and banned from the communities for a period of time.


PM and ask.

I did.

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