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Hi, Anker fans!

We’re always trying to make our online content better, and we’d love it if you could give us a hand by answering a quick poll.

Not only will you be helping to shape the future of our online image, you’ll also be giving yourself a chance to win 1 of 10 PowerCore II 10000 portable chargers!

The winners will be announced on December 24th, 2020, so if you win, it’ll be a nice surprise that’s sure to put you in the Christmas mood.

If you have any comments about the poll, or maybe even an idea on what we could do a poll about in the future, we’d love to hear about it below.

Power On!


  • Prizes: 10 PowerCore II 10000

  • Opens to the US, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, and Spain

  • Winners will be announced on December 24th, 2020.

Winner Announcement:

Congrats on the win everyone! Please private message @AnkerOfficial with your shipping address so we can arrange the shipment soon. :wink:

1. Cable Durability

2. Cable Speed

3. PowerHouse Speed

4. Charger Size

5. Foldable Charger

6. Hub Charging

7. Hub Media Display

8. Hub Compatibility

9. Hub Size

10. Power Strip Surge Protection

11. Power Strip Size


Powerhouse speed : Nearly two identical photos!


Surprised protecto wasn’t in the photo for the surge protection…

Size comparison is good to have point of reference or dimensions.


I had to check the images twice, too! Looks like one was to charge from 0% to 100% and the other was 0% to 50%. I personally liked the image that shows the total time for 0% to 100%.


Done, and the one with charging to 50% or 100%…most people need quick top off or lower quickly so charging to 50% seems more reasonable to me as they won’t be away from a plug ling enough to warrant a full charge


O my poor old eyes. Thanks for the hint. :wink:
OK if that makes sense for Anker I do the vote.:rofl:
All completed!


Like images that show either hands for size comparison, partial charge to push emergency usage versus normal usage and compatibility that is as detailed as possible. Can’t tell you how many times I get an amazon question question asking if this device or that device work. The macbook air and pro question for compatibility always comes up.


Can’t wait for the winners announcement! 1 week until Christmas!

Done ( I think )

Who is selling that 100W PD charger (hint).

I wonder if an Amazon review says they bought the HDMI hub and the whale was not jumping out of the screen.

We’re all different.


Nice poll and FYI I would have done it without a prize. :wink: I like some of the ones where it showed some of the size difference like the hub size. It sitting next to the laptop was a good visual of its size.


Done and Done :wink:

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Done. Always interesting to hear others thoughts on what they get from an advertisement/picture vs your own.

Think @professor professor said it right, some people will probably expect 3d images coming from a hub :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Interesting poll @AnkerOfficial
And nice to see i haven’t followed the crowd :rofl:


Always doing something, others dont! :joy:


That seems to be the industry standard for things now. I consistently see “Can charge from 0% to 80% in XX amount of time!”, but I want it to 100%…

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Done. Always nice to see a company that actually values the community’s opinions.


Interesting poll I liked it a lot some interesting concept designs

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Fun and interesting poll.


Same here. I like looking at 0-100 because sometimes I want full charge to get through time. My laptop is older with only about 4 hrs of battery life on full charge so need all that juice instead of just 1.5 to 2 from 50%

Also, done with the votes. Size comparison for smaller objects is definitely good but for rest like hub size in 9 or foldable charger in 5, I like the photos with products only since they really don’t need a hand for comparison or anything.

Btw that Powercore II 10000 is really small and I didn’t even know how small it is until I saw the photos