Give Us Your Christmas Spirit | Get Christmas Cheer! 🥳

Hey, fans!

Christmas is coming up fast; and we need your help!

We want to make sure you get what you want most for Christmas from our community this year; so we’re asking you to choose the content that you’d most like to see!

If you could run our community over this holiday season, what would you want to bring to the table? It could be…

  • A contest
  • A giveaway
  • Some exclusive news or insights

…all of the above!?

While we can’t promise we’ll use your ideas to the letter, we’ll definitely keep your suggestions in mind both over the holidays as well as for future events.

What we can promise is that 5 fans who participate will win a prize! Winners will be chosen based on creativity and originality as judged by both our community team and by likes from other community members here!

Here’s a quick rundown of the rules:

  • You may not post more than 3 times in a row.
  • This event is international.
  • Event ends on Dec 24th, 2020.
  • Anker reserves the right of final explanation.

Looking forward to seeing your responses below…good luck!

Winner Announcement :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Congrats to all the winners! Please private message me your shipping address so we can start processing the prize shipment soon.

Thank you a lot for your ideas! We will definitely use some of them for future campaigns! Also thank everyone else for participating in this event and bringing us all these wonderful thoughts! :+1::hugs:


I guess I will help get this started!

For the holiday season I think I would like a giveaway contest personally I love the ones that require photos to be taken because I love seeing what everyone comes up with. SO that being said I would want people to take pictures of how their Anker products are helping them get ready for the holiday season. Is it a speaker while jamming to Christmas music, a power bank you use when going to visit loved ones? a charger you use to share with all, or maybe even something more creative like using the cables to decorate your home for the holidays.

Hope everyone has a great holiday season and stays safe and healthy through it all


@AnkerOfficial i would really like Some exclusive news or insights Anker’s new products :+1:t2: ( something like Soundcore 's Escape Room concept idea and reveal :wink:) Virtual Room with Anker Nano and Cable Hunt… What say :grin:

I think we had a lot of competition… May be just have regular PowerDraw with 1 PB and awesome prizes… Gives everyone a fair opportunity!!

Thanks for checking with us!


So I’ll give a partial response, I need help with this.

  • A deep hidden mystery competition
  • Hidden inside the community somewhere is a secret pattern passing some test, with the slightest of hints.
  • A few members chosen who cannot win the prize are given a nominal prize to participate, to help post, or help hide, the secret pattern, these cannot win the prize.
  • say it is a repeating phrase, a repeating number.


  • don’t actually do this one as it’s now “not hidden”
  • pick 5 members at random and PM them saying they cannot win a prize of $100 but if they agree they will get a gift of $50. $40 $30 (a nominal amount>)
  • ask them to cause a pattern of hitting a number. Say in western culture it is 7. Or in British humour it is 42, or a keyword like “wibble”.
  • they then act to cause that number 7, 42, “wibble” to occur
  • the other members then have to watch the community to guess the pattern, in this case the pattern that 7, 42, “wibble” keeps coming up.
  • so you cause 2 competitions, the “inside” who must cause a pattern and not reveal, if they reveal they lose their prize, and the “outside” who must spot the pattern.
  • this pattern causing and pattern spotting occurs for a short period, like a max of a week, ideally less.



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Puts on thinking cap :thinking:

Contests and giveaways are usually a solid favourite for most. My choices not in any particular order;

  • Exclusive news of an upcoming product
  • Auction of a premium product (taking on board suggestions from the last one)
  • Random giveaway, like the one from a few years back where the system picked random entries from a spin the wheel type game…

Perhaps a slight favourite :wink:

  • Christmas Treasure hunt of clues hidden around the Anker (and affiliate websites). Answers on a Google form (to prevent a copy/paste exercise)

I think we made really all kind of different competitions.
So its not easy to find a “new” type.
It should’nt be too complicated,
also it should be one where non native speakers can take part without
any problems. ( I am more a photographer than a storyteller. :grinning:)

I would keep that gesture to make a little present to well known regulars.
(Small gifts keep friendship) :wink:


I would like to see a contest where users not only win a prize, but they get to beta test the next newest product to come to market, of course with strict NDA rules. This product would only be revealed to the winners of a scavenger hunt, which will be held across all of Anker and Ankers sister brands, this scavenger hunt would consist of finding clues, puzzles, and riddles.

Ultimately it would lead to the best Christmas gathering among members here in the community that have stuck around and been here all year, with each getting a small care package for their dedication and commitment to Anker.


Not only NDA rules (US only). :grinning:
Just given to trustworthy persons who dont talk about.
(I am trustworthy but may be not such a perfekt tester ! :rofl:)

Ja, exactlly

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That sounds like an interesting and fun competition. Would be a much better use of time here for ones who spend a lot of time here :joy:. Idk how it will run though. I mean how will the “outsiders” let Pei know? If that is figured out, it should be a nice one for sure (and a very different one from previous)


Pei is on the inside, a few are on the inside, they win on being randomly selected a nominal prize. The outsiders have to guess the pattern the prize is larger for outsiders but chances smaller. If none guess then the nearest to guessing wins, if more than one guess then the first wins.

The online equivalent of charades.

They’d go to a form and post their answer privately and if they reveal they can’t win.


Secret Anker Santa based on surveys would be cool (through google surveys maybe?), as would one where we nominate individuals for prizes based on a separate thread where we create a wishlist maybe. Caveate to this would be that we do not know we are selected until it shows up, surprises are always awesome.

Story ones seem to draw too much anger and jealousy, magic numbers do not always benefit everyone based on IP locations and in thread questions where we can’t answer hidden (google docs submission) just helps cheaters. I am all for giving everyone an equal chance, but I like doing it where others do not get upset. Especially during Christmas time I just want everyone to have fun with things.


My mother when I was kid use to have us go on scavenger hunts as a kids. She gave out clues to different people and family members (post officer worker or grandmother as an example). We had to go search for the next clue from whomever she gave them too. In the end, it lead us back to our house after we spend a few hours searching for all the clues and it ended with one or all of us getting a prize ( such as 10 dollars that she hid in the dryer or took us out for dinner)

So my contest would be called Searching for Christmas (or you can use any other holiday for that matter). It is a scavenger hunt for the letter for Christmas.

I think it could be a company wide thing (Anker, Eufy, Soundcore, Nebula and Roav) and even contributors like Antwan and El Jefe from Soundcore. You could even have it send members to product pages (the ones you want to hightlight :wink:)

The goal is to spell Christmas from searching of Anker and sister brands.

I think a google doc would be a great place to start it out. After you log in, you would get your first clue such as “if you do not know the rules for Anker check here”

The person knows or will know (LOL) to go to the FAQ for the rules of the site. On that FAQ page there will be a C (maybe as a button or something).

When you click the C it will navigate you to a web address for the clue to find H. The H could be on soundcore and that would give a clue to R. The R could be an El Jefe video on the Q30 and he added a link for the I.

To qualify for the Christmas (or other holiday) scavenger hunt you have to document the web addresses for each address of the letters.

So the google doc will have the first clue and underneath could have the word Christmas spelled out with a comment box for you to document the web page you found each letter. After you are done you submit the google doc. A person can be randomly selected from all of the correct answers.

Example of the google doc after all of the instructions are given and examples of the addresses for each.

Christmas clue: "if you do not know the rules for Anker check here"

With navigation to all brands, you may even get new users to sign up to those communities or newsletter.


Yes anything with Google form is much more fair for everyone. That’s the reason I try to wait as long as I can to answer everything so no one cheats off my answers. They did do this form thing in crossword and spot the difference activities which I really liked.


Oh okay! So I think there must be some exclusive news or insight. And there should be a day particular for contests(if there is any) . I appreciate the way @AnkerOfficial conducts contests. There is always something new. Or this also can be done that contests and exclusive news clubbed together! Contests must be thought provoking and out of the box thinking centred. Suggestions so far are good. Cheers!

i would provide some exclusive insights hidden as riddles and first one to guess correctly gets entered into a drawing for an exclusive gift basket of Anker goodies…

Auctions and the guess the right number post are limited to people that have the bucks or the right time of seeing post before other people. The fairest for everybody would be like a power draw where anker set the dollar amount of the prize and the winner can pick the prize they want.
Or like tank said being able to beta test products would be cool.

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My first preference would be exclusive news or teaser of a new product. Second preference would be some kind of contest. A lot of good options are presented so I can’t think of much anymore without it being very similar to someone else’s idea

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I’d like a recorded Ask Me Anything

The guest should be someone like head of product strategy. I’d like the topic to be future strategy of Anker.

Competition beforehand is to submit to Google form a question and if selected and they join then win something (modest like cable not too big it makes for bad losers).

I’d like at least one product announcement, ideally all those coming soon.

Regardless of questions I’d like the guest to speak to strategy, where Anker sees the future, either technically or trends.

Reason to not be live is it can filter those trying to ruin it. I remember live Periscope events by Loz which had some bad users.

If the guest says something they shouldn’t by accident then it can be cut from recording.

Ideally two events at different times so at least one event overlapping everyone, so say 5pm PDT and 8am PDT.


Too difficult to create?