Share Your Story | Fourth Anniversary Edition

Hello Community!

Let’s keep our community 4th anniversary celebrations going.

Since it’s the community’s birthday, we thought it’d be a great time to hear some of your best birthday stories.

Maybe you have some great memories of birthdays spent with your family, or maybe you have stories of epic birthday parties with your buddies. Whatever it is, we want to hear about it.

So head down to the comments to tell us your story and you’ll have a shot at winning a mystery box worth $150.

Power On!


  1. We will randomly pick 4 commenters to win a mystery box worth $150.
  2. This event runs from November 19th to November 24th, 2020.
  3. Open to the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain only.
  4. The winners will be announced on the Anker Community on November 26th, 2020.
  5. Anker reserves the right of final explanation.

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Sorry to keep everyone waiting and thanks all for taking part in and sharing your stories!! :tada:


So it was one my major birthdays and I was visiting family from overseas.

I visited everyone at their individual homes, and was on my way to the last house, before going to airport, thinking a small family meal of 4, and I asked what food I should bring. So I got the 3 items and knocked on the door. I chatted and went into the kitchen to put into the fridge.

The kitchen was stuffed with about 40 people.

They’d traveled from far to all get there and they’d all kept a straight face while I had visited them individually.

Yes, I was “got”, I can be fooled. Turns out, by many, many times.


This is an easy one for me. 4 years ago in late 2016 (I would have been 33 at the time), my wife and I had been going through some rocky times. My little brother married my now sister-in-law around august and we were finally starting to mend our relationship. On my birthday later in the year, my wife surprised me with the news we were expecting our first child. After the shock set in since we were not planning a family and had kind of given up, it became the best birthday I will ever remember. Now 4 years later, our relationship is constantly improving along with our son Maverick getting bigger and crazier everyday. Really think no birthday will match that one again.


I think it was my seventh birthday me and my family where driving to a bowling alley/ arcade place. So we got there I had butterflies in my stomach, I just couldn’t wait to open presents but my mom had said I had to wait till after we had something to eat then she handed me a giant cup of quarters for the arcade this had to be one of the best feelings in the world so I dart off to the arcade games by myself. My sister and I probably used up half of the quarters playing skee ball and the wheel of fortune then after I had too many tickets to count I have whent to the prize desk and I got a big inflatable hammer that was twice the size of me I felt like I had all the power in the world then it was time to eat but we where going to go bowling but we didn’t have enough money so I had one slice of pizza and I felt like just a ticking time bomb ready to explode I just wanted to open presents so I waited then suddenly my mom put a small square box on the table an they sang to me as my mom handed me the box I held it and sat it on my lap an I began to unwrap the present I peeled the corner and I saw a small red logo it was a lego set, it was my first lego set it might of been small but it was the best gift you could ever given to a seven year old I walked up to my mom and dad and said “thank you”. Then me and my family left and we got into our van with sliding doors, I got in and tried to shut the door but it wasn’t shutting so I just left it how it was then my mom took of and I just began to study the lego box left to right I couldn’t wait to take it home and assemble it then suddenly as my mom was merging onto the highway the door swung open and I nearly fell out of the car my mom and dad started yelling at me to shut the door so without thinking I crap the door with my brand new lego set and begin to shut the door my lego set flew out of my hand and onto the highway along with my inflatable hammer and some other random trash I finally got the door to shut and I begin to look for my lego set and my hammer and they where both gone. I was heart broken


For my 21st my sister said I could have anything within reason for my birthday and she was allowed to veto things. I asked to go to NYC with her and she agreed. She lives on the east coast while I live on the west, so she flew out both my partner at the time and me. She thought it would be more fun for me if I had someone else on the trip with me. We spent some time in Philly first and had a blast there getting cheesesteaks :drooling_face:, going to the Mütter Museum, going dancing, bar hopping, eating at delicious restaurants, and exploring. Then she got my partner and me a hotel room in NYC and paid for us to take the train there because she had to work. We spent a couple days on our own exploring and having fun while eating delicious food and trying out different bars. Then she and her husband at the time came and we spent the last day in the city all together. It was really nice all talking together and laughing. NYC is my favorite place to visit so I was really excited to get to go there again, especially since I was finally old enough to go to bars and clubs. I also love visiting Philly, so was really happy when she surprised me with the trip there. But really the best part was spending a good amount of time with my sister. I only see her once every couple years due to living on opposite ends of the country. Also, when I do see her we usually don’t get to spend that much time together because her job requires long hours and often weekends as well. This time she was actually able to get some time off and I really appreciated it. The whole trip was amazing and I know I’ll never forget it. Definitely the best birthday I’ve had no question.

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I wrote it already.
Next year in 2021 there will be a very important
birthday for me.
But I don’t know the story of this event now.:joy:


Burger King 2004 - nuff said

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I’m sure we will see some great stories!! I’m looking forward to reading them

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My most memorable birthday story was my 30th. My wife (then girlfriend) suprirsed me by inviting all of my friends to a wine tasting and luncheon in Napa county. It was awesome to see all of my friends and my wife went the extra mile to make it a special day.

It was my 30th Birthday which took place 2 days after my wedding. We are on our honeymoon cruise, my husband booked a message for me. After the great message he met me and took me back to our room. When I opened the door I was greeted with balloons and more balloons. Balloons were everywhere in the room and on the bed. I of course started kicking the hitting the balloons around the room to find a small box with diamond earrings under the balloons on the bed. We then moved the balloons to the large window and closed the curtain so that when we were docked we could easily see which stateroom was ours.

1000 ?

(in binary)

Hmmm, octal, hexadecimal … my poor old brain… :wink:

You’re young 50 in hexadecimal, old 1000 in binary

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Looking forward to reading some good stories. I’ll have to think if I have any interesting ones

My 30th birthday which seems eons ago started with a friend joking with me online saying “you should come visit me and my wife for your birthday”. That night after a few drinks I said “hell, why not? I got nothing to lose going to visit a new city and country”.
Fast forward to the week before my birthday. It’s really happening. I’m flying to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. I did not know that it was the longest flight in the world at 18 hours direct. I got to attend my first on plane bar and lounge also on Emirates Airlines!
I also did not know that Dubai was a hub for people traveling to India. On my flight three rows ahead of me about 5 hours into the flight a man started complaining of chest pains. They announced that an doctor on board please come to help. It was a frantic 2+ hours of monitoring him and seeing if we would divert our course. We ended up making it all the way to Dubai with no issues and he was carted off the plane on a gurney.
Upon arrival my friend told me to pick up as much alcohol as I could in duty free. I thought he was lazy but it turns out you cannot purchase alcohol until your permit clears in UAE due to the country being Muslim. So I picked up as much as I could fit in my bag and left the airport.
While there I took the most amazing skydiving trip of my life over the palms and went to the tallest building in the world that overlooks the largest mall in the world. We also had all you can eat/drink at Nobu which was absolutely delicious and went to the day club after! It was a wild way to bring in my 30th and totally worth the long trip from California! (side note it was also the cleanest place I’ve ever been = to Japan!

(upload://7bvuhf23rRglsyIdxGdZ6VwgVi6.jpeg) Dubai|750x500


This was you?

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Best of luck everyone, nice event @AnkerOfficial :+1:t2:

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Frist of all Happy Birthday community!
I would have to say my best birthday was my 16th birthday. Unlike most people in my school I did not have a sweet 16 it just wasn’t a thing for me I couldn’t justify the expenses for it so it wasn’t happening. Instead I had a small family party and that was all. The week after my birthday my friend asked me to hang out. When I got there and walked in to her backyard it turned out she had thrown me a surprise party with my track team and a bunch of my friends. It was a great party and everyone had a blast she had a pool so we all had fun with that and just hanging out like usual. It truly was a great birthday and I wasn’t expecting it at all. I am so thankful to have friends like that and it really was a birthday like no other.