Community Upgrade | Big Announcement!

:+1: same here, will not go hunting for it, if I earn those without extra effort, i am fine with it

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Found a new feature - posts show a user @Chiquinho typing message, much like iMessage :smiley:

@Chiquinho was typing reply to @Ice1

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Cool… now it’s almost real time update…just like iMessage

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I like that you can login to your computer, phone and another phone and the system keeps you logged-in. Previously it would kick you if you login from another device.

I thought I was seeing things the other day, as I was commenting on a topic, and saw someone else below my dialogue box … Like messenger and all the other message services going back to the 90s

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@AnkerOfficial Can we please have option to edit the Date of Birth and other items on the Anker Community Profile… If I make the profile as Private, pretty much everything about me goes private such as details about me, my blog / social media address…

If I make it Public… including my DOB goes off… for some reason, i put my real DOB which I don’t want to keep it in Public :slight_smile:

Either provide option to show items individually or provide option to edit the DOB so that I change it to a generic one :wink:

Can you see my DOB in my profile?

yes, i can.

suggest you change the profile to private asap :slight_smile:

I can see Rob, but I know you are old enough to hide! :smile:

Meh, my birthday is well known so not worried about it

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best of luck, just be careful if your credit card is involved in any breach and if your dob is genuine there

How do you make your profile private?

Preferences --> Interface


No worries, we will hide DOB information in users profile. Our technician is working on it!


Thank you @AnkerTechnical

You rock :ok_hand:t2:

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Thank you :+1: I cannot see anybody’s DOB any way, may be it was removed already? Good to know!
Thanks to @Shenoy for bringing this up :+1:

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@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical

believe I found one other bug / defect or may be it is limited only to me :wink:

Per the new rules for points and powerbucks, there is 5 PowerBucks earned Per Day for visit to the Community,

Out of curiosity, was hovering the profile section, and found there were no PowerBucks added to me for the site visit for Yesterday and Today. This was the one which caught my eyes… not that I am powerbucks hungry but if there are rules these need to be followed by members as well as Moderators (Anker team here :smiley: ) and the Community platform

Not sure if this is limited to Site Visit or any other entities for which PBs were not added


Never seen it, not even my own dob,

Did I say I turn fifty two weeks last Thursday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It does :slight_smile:

Going by date YYYY-MM-DD, it’s in next 2 weeks

Great catch. I also didn’t receive powerbucks for visiting the site. They are getting stingy with the powerbucks lol

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