Community Upgrade | Big Announcement!

I guess anker needs to update this page

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Click on the 3 horizontal lines next to your profile picture and then click on badges, it should be there towards the bottom



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Tbh I prefer the old forum style. Easier to use and user friendly… the new forum style ain’t user friendly and pretty confusing. What are your opinions?


I hope not considering this comment was mostly tongue in cheek. I would have used emojis to help convey that point but their size intimidates me.

Ithink most people did the likes so they can get the badge, nothing to do with pb or users getting or giving them. To some its all about the badges


There goes a like for your message



All who were writing to much will be downgraded to level0
(Me too)

Agreed. New forum layout is utter [edit] faecal matter [/edit]
(Chrome/iPhone 6S)

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@Big_Adam most of us are still going through the changes we see on the new interface and community upgrade, and to some extent share the same experience , however we could keep the language in check : )

I think the word shit is more funny than offencive, it’s not even a cuss word especially in this context. The word was not directed towards anyone just used to convey Adams frustration with the new layout.

Personally I think there are way more good things about the update then bad but this is open for debate and everybody’s entitled to their opinion.

@Big_Adam Rock on :metal::slightly_smiling_face::metal:


may be you are right, @Big_Adam got the right emoji for it now :smiley:

1 Like using it’s getting better, still a couple niggles, but overal it’s ok… love the giant emoji… Do not change this.

Just having a play and don’t often get to see these with details.

I would use sh*t in that way.
Give the excrements a “star” (laughing)

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@AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial Another little thing (which might already be on your list to fix), if you open the search function as a separate tab/window, it drops the community logo…


Thanks for the heads-up. Has fixed it now.

These emojis…:crazy_face: too big! But they are fun though

Any other benefit of these badges? why these ppl are running crazy to have them?

I dont see any great benefits unless there is some value tied to these, more of eye candy when you look at the profile

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I’m not going to waste my time on it

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