What products are on your wishlist for Anker to make next?

Would love to see weatherproof outdoor motion sensor for eufy cameras. Have zones that need early detection to start cameras sooner. Recording delay misses people walking through.

Just adding my 2 cents that a water leak sensor would be a great addition.

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I love their truly wireless earbuds, but I would like if they made a pair that supports multipoint or multiple devices. I believe Jabra’s truly wireless earbuds are the only other ones, but they run on slave/master mode.

Since USB-C is mainstream now, could we get an upgrade on the PowerStrip Pad?

Looks like the above, but let’s call it PowerStrip Pad 2:
2 AC Outlets
3 USB-C PD (up to 60W on one port)
2 USB-A (12W each)

Basically add 2 USB-C PD ports the existing power strip, then increase the USB-C PD to 60W MAX on at least one port. If all 5 ports are used, maybe around 100W combined? Start at $59.99, and super special sale (Black Friday, Prime Day, etc.) for $39.99.

While we’re at it, could we get a PowerCore 22000C?

No Micro-USB.
Just 2 USB-C PD.

Maybe 45W from each port?


Sounds good, but I counter suggest with 65W from one port and if you use both ports it intelligently senses each connected device needs and shares 65W out. Say you connected a flat iphone and a flat MPB then it does 18W+45W.


That would be great with it intelligently sensing that would be so nice


Not a product but an app! A user interface for a mobile device is much needed in my opinion.

They exist for many Soundcore and Eufy products.

**Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture Headphones. A headphone version of the Liberty 2 pro and you can throw ANC and transparency in there as well. :wink:

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Powerhouse II 600??

An electric generator

Such one!

No more chargers, no more batteries needed! :grin:


Anker’s most economic torch !

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@AnkerOfficial should make an Apple Watch Charger…you know, the actual thing and not just an accessory for it.

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Cross-posting from this thread:

Could we get a SELF EMPTYING ROBOVAC? I already made some specs here:

eufy RoboVac 50C
Intelligent Mapping
Navigation with laser & optical
Set schedules & boundaries with eufy Home app
2,500 Pa Max

Possible in 2021?

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How about a wireless powerbank with more capacity than 10000 mAh?

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26800 mah might be a nice upgrade for wireless…

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That’s even better :+1:

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Much more than a year(!) has passed and … nothing … new … nothing!
When do we finally get more informations and especially a product to buy?!

eufy Smart Boy (Leak Detector) - where are you?!

See also: Coming Soon: Smart Buoy (Leak Detector)
and: What products are on your wishlist for Anker to make next?

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I would like to see an upgraded verision of PowerWave 10 Stand with 2 USB-A Ports, 15W wireless charging and Quick Charge USB port…