What products are on your wishlist for Anker to make next?

While Anker has a pretty extensive product line, I’m sure most of us have some products we wish we could buy of Anker quality that they do not currently produce. What are some items you wish you could buy from Anker as opposed to some unknown seller on Amazon?

Personally, I would love to buy a micro-USB hardware kit from Anker for my car. I have some expensive aftermarket electronics (radar detector, dash cam, laser jammers) that I would prefer to power using cables from a company I know and trust. Beyond that, I would love a cable I could hardwire to power my dedicated Android phone that I use for Waze! The cigarette lighter/USB port area on my center console currently necessitates that I leave the cubby hole open if I want anything charging :confused:


because I have multiple devices for work, I’d like a charging caddy that supports Power IQ, QC2.0/3.0, and can support Android, iPhones, iPads… hold 5-7 devices.

Using Samsung devices alot (for personal and work), having a Portable chargers that support QC2.0/3.0 on both input and output, and having multiple ports would be ideal.

But I would love to see Anker standardize their naming, and features. It is getting confusing to see if the Portable chargers support QC2/3 for devices, or when charging the charger, or both.


Retractable Charging Cables. It is going to greatly help people organize cables in car and trips when the cables are not in use.

With the advancement of technology, we now have so many gadgets that we use in our day to day life. Especially when travelling in a car on a family trip, we have multiple devices that needs to be charged while on the go. While we have great products to satisfy the charging need of all the devices (like multiple output ports car chargers), cable management is a nightmare. we have so many cables hanging around from each of the output port all over the car. My car totally looks messy with all those wires. If we have retractable power cables it would make our travel clutter free when not in use.

Retractable power cables have some distinct advantages like:

  1. We can choose the desired length of the cable.
  2. Most of the cars have a compartment like closure for and with retractable cables, we can effectively leave the compartment closed when not charging any device.
  3. Easy storage of multiple cables in the car (no more tangling of various charging cables)

PS: Coiled type power cables is a noteworthy alternative to retractable power cables which can satisfy most of the above in a different way.


I don’t even know if it’s fesdible, but I’d like to see really long USB cables, upwards to 20 feet! Fast charging may or may not be possible with cords that long, though!


I would like to see Anker design a 3 coil wireless charging pad that will support fast/smart charging for phones and portable battery packs.

Anker wireless charging could also be incorporated into their LED desk lamp base for example.


I have thought about this a few times in the past… It would be nice if Anker sold 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, as they would be perfect in my flashlights. Especially, my Anker LC40 LED flashlight. The 18650 battery makes the Anker LC40 flashlight come alive…

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My hopeful wish list of forthcoming items would be at present (probably more to add soon);

  • Car dash camera, HD recording and GPS (either linked via smartphone app or built in)
  • Hi-Res Earphones / Headphones with lightning connector
    *or Wireless over ear noise cancelling cans (hate Beats, way too much bass)
  • LED desk lamp with built in battery
  • Updated LED Torch with built in battery/charging port

Here is another item that would be cool to see Anker have in their list of products… Some type of waterproof or water resistant Emergency solar / hand crank /digital radio, with usb charging ports, a bright led flashlight, and NOAA weather stations. This would be perfect for outdoors people that love to go camping, hiking, boating, or even just general preparedness.


I would love Anker to start producing a range of Apple docks/chargers with support for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch support


I’d like to see both “wall wart” and Power Pack with the ability to drive full load USB-C, along with QC USB ports. More mobile devices are using USB-C for charging and desktop power and I believe that outlet driven modules with 2 USB C / 3 USB QC ports would be well received. And with the advent of “power tablet” users a portable charger with one USB-C and 2 USB QC ports would be quite useable, especially those of us who spend a significant amount of time traveling.


i’d want a portable charger that has wireless charging capabilities so i can just put both the phone and battery pack in my pocket at the same time and just have it charge


Laptop capacity battery to charge or power my Mac book air. There are a couple around on Amazon and one floating around in the US! But I’d prefer one from Anker.


We all live in a world of electronic gadgets.:iphone: I can’t wait for Anker to make a 5-7 port USB Charging Station. This would be highly useful to charge multiple products at the same time.


Me too! Especially if they can incorporate an iPhone & Apple watch charger in one. I know there are many on the market today but I’m sure Anker can make it even better with their top quality and ingenuity. I would also like to see an Apple Watch charger for on the go… perhaps like a charging cube or something.

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Even though I don’t have a wirelessly charged device, I can say a mini tower of cheating pads with USB ports along the bottom as a pretty neat way to go.


I second this! That would be awesome.

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I’d like to see Anker produce cases and screen protectors for some Android devices. There are so any no-name options out there that it’s easy to get paralyzed by choice. Having the Anker brand attached to a decent case for my Moto X would make it an easy decision.

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I’d like to see USB 3 (and a USB-C version too!) adapter for laptops to give them HDMI out, VGA out, Ethernet, and at least 2 USB ports.

More and more of my users are getting windows based tablets, which they love. But are now having difficulties connecting to various projectors and devices when traveling that having just one adapter to connect to most projectors, while not taking up a usb port would be fantastic.

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I think I’ve seen one for the US but id like a UK extension lead with four sockets and USB ports in them