Soundcore app for fire stick

I think anker should develop a soundcore app for the firetv. That way I could connect multiple flares together for a stereo sound for Jurassic park without having to buy an expensive stereo system.

I’d love to here what everyone else thinks about this!

@AnkerOfficial and @AnkerTechnical do you know if anker has any plans for this in the future?

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Amazon Fire TV Stick already has an option to pair BT speakers, have it paired already

Are you talking of option to create a mesh of BT speakers for stereo effect?

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Yeah, i want to connect multiple speakers. I have already connected one. I should have made that more clear

I edited the post to make that more clear.

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yup, they would be a great addition, I have been looking for that option for a while!

Roku has similar kind of approach for thier TV connecting to Roku Speakers

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Interesting. I would prefer just using the products I already own though :joy:

Roku was just an example on how this can be achieved.

For now, the best option to connect multiple BT to same source is to use a BT Transmitter. I myself use a Avantree product for dual link. You may check it out.

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Haha, I don’t have 40$ to dish out on a Bluetooth transmitter :joy:. I would rather just buy a sound bar or stereo system :joy:. It would cost a little more but it would be worth it.

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May be different use cases, we use it to stream movie audio at night or when our little ones are fast asleep :grin:

As for regular usage, have Vizio surround system :wink:

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I wish anker had a surround sound system. They currently only have sound bars.

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Believe they are already planning to build on the Infini Famiy of sound system, may be surprise release during CES 2020 :sunny:

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Only time will tell or @AnkerOfficial can put some light

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There’s already a thread for this I’m sure…

You point farming for the auction?:joy::joy:

I think it needs to me merged @TechnicallyWell

What? This isn’t s product?.?.?.? I asked for software. When they say “product” i assume it means some type of hardware. This community is starting to get toxic. It mainly consists of people accusing other people of point farming.

Well that’s my assumption😌