Use Anker Instead | Share and WIN

If you didn’t why would you be here? :joy::joy:

I’ll probably release a few more in the next few days.

Remember, this is slightly different that a standard review. If you don’t follow the “rules” it may not qualify :wink:

Lol yea I guess I was stating the obvious :joy:

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Does Reddit count has social media for this contest? (E.g, if I post on reddit can it count as the social media part of this contest?) @AnkerOfficial

done guys PowerPort Qi 10W review — User Anker Instead

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Yes, that would count for this contest. But please note sharing the same review on different channels can only be counted as one entry.

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Can I make a similar review for the same product on reddit? Or do I have to use a different product?

A similar review on the same product would be counted as one entry. It’s better to share some different products. :grin:

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You got enough products to do more than 1 lol

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Haha yes I could, but if I could enter the same one twice (once on each platform) I would get more entries, and more chances to win :joy::wink:. I don’t really care, I was just checking :wink:.

1 item equals 1 entry… But like 1 orange or 3 it’s still only one of your daily fruit n veg!

Haha yes, since it’s two different contests (kinda) I wasn’t sure if it would count has two separate entries :wink:. I already entered for the social media section and messaged it to @AnkerOfficial

@AnkerOfficial This is my entry #UseAnkerInstead | PowerLine ll Lightning Cable

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I believe you’re supposed to make a separate thread :wink:

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This my newest #UseAnkerInstead entry

I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think!

Don’t hesitate to give it a like if you like it :joy::wink: jk

You got 10 likes! Good start!

Well, since I am here to find out why my device will not pair, and I can’t find info to get actual support, A’d have to say DONT#useankerinstead because, where’s the chat or support?

Hi @aquaholicsurf the support address for issues is

As this is your first post and you mention your device will not pair, can you expand on which Anker device will not pair and with what device you are trying to pair it with as its kinda hard for the community to assist in place of Anker support with such little information…

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Give us more informations please.
We are ALL here to help you. :slight_smile:

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@AnkerTechnical off topic, but why do you edit all of my links?

I woke up this morning to 4-5 notifications that you edited all my links…

Here is another entry of mine. Hope you enjoy! Let me know if any feedback :wink: