PowerPort Qi 10W review — User Anker Instead

My experience with the PowerPort Qi 10W wireless charger.

The first thing that surprised me with this charger is how thin it is ! Thinner than my iPhone.

Just plug it and place your phone over. The blue lights are blinking and the iPhone dinging, it’s charging. I was pretty surprised by the charging speed, that I thought would be pretty lower. My iPhone X is fully charged by two hours and a half approximately, but I use this charger at my desk so I don’t let it charge without touching it, I take it every ten minutes I think.
Furthermore, a very good point is that, even with no fans, it doesn’t heat that much. Most of the time, my phone is barely warm when I grab it.
The only reproach I can do is that it has micro-USB rather than USB-C, which makes it less universal.

In addition, someone gave me his Belkin wireless charger, which is four times thicker. This thing makes a big white spot on my bedside table, in opposition to this discreet and tiny black Anker charger.

For all these reasons, I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t care about having the latest products or about USB-C.
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Fine, short and informative.
There is no need to write a novel regarding this charger. :grin:

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Nice review and gifs!

Wow, that is small. Nice review. :slight_smile:

Nice review and pics

Very nice review!

Love this review! The gifs was a very nice touch as we rarely ever see them used in reviews.

Nice review thanks

I like the blue lights on the side :+1:

Good to the point review for an item that does one thing (Charging) :thumbsup:

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I like that, short, simple, and to the point! Thanks for sharing this info @lololegeek75

Nice review, short & sweet, to the point !!

Thanks to everyone who replied and encouraged me ! :ok_hand:t2:

There is a newer model of this item which is cheaper: