Use Anker Instead | Share and WIN

It was already a challenge recruiting them :joy::ok_hand: I’ll let you have this one

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I’m not entering as don’t NEED either of these, or the premium hub (I wouldn’t use it if I had it tbh).

Get them to give likes to my post then? :wink::joy::joy:

Welp perfect time to post my first ever review!

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good luck to those who enter and share their story

Here is my submission on the community. Good luck to everyone else!

Great! I own a couple of Anker products so I’ll probably wrote a couple of reviews. Thanks guys!!

If you didn’t why would you be here? :joy::joy:

I’ll probably release a few more in the next few days.

Remember, this is slightly different that a standard review. If you don’t follow the “rules” it may not qualify :wink:

Lol yea I guess I was stating the obvious :joy:

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Does Reddit count has social media for this contest? (E.g, if I post on reddit can it count as the social media part of this contest?) @AnkerOfficial

done guys PowerPort Qi 10W review — User Anker Instead

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Yes, that would count for this contest. But please note sharing the same review on different channels can only be counted as one entry.

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Can I make a similar review for the same product on reddit? Or do I have to use a different product?

A similar review on the same product would be counted as one entry. It’s better to share some different products. :grin:

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You got enough products to do more than 1 lol

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Haha yes I could, but if I could enter the same one twice (once on each platform) I would get more entries, and more chances to win :joy::wink:. I don’t really care, I was just checking :wink:.

1 item equals 1 entry… But like 1 orange or 3 it’s still only one of your daily fruit n veg!

Haha yes, since it’s two different contests (kinda) I wasn’t sure if it would count has two separate entries :wink:. I already entered for the social media section and messaged it to @AnkerOfficial

@AnkerOfficial This is my entry #UseAnkerInstead | PowerLine ll Lightning Cable

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I believe you’re supposed to make a separate thread :wink:

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