#UseAnkerInstead powerport 5

Today I will be telling you how powerport 5 saved my life (in a way…).

I needed to charge several things.

  1. my phone

  2. My speaker

  3. My earbuds

I only had one problem, I only have one open wall port!

I only have one choice here, I must use a life changing product! But what product is there that can solve all my needs? That’s where my powerport 5 comes in! With it’s 5 USB ports I can charge Up To 5 devices at once. It also kept my cables all nice and organized! In addition, it has a beautiful sleek design that will fit into any home!

But wait, there’s more! Using Anker’s proprietary technology, IQ charging, each of my devices chargers faster than a standard 5w charger! This allows me not only to

  1. Keep everything organized
  2. Charger everything at once

But also charge everything at its max charging speed!

This has really been a game changer for my charging habits!

Next time your in the market for a charger remember #UseAnkerInstead!

Thanks for reading!

@AnkerOfficial this is my entry for the contest :grin:

P.s some of the pictures aren’t so great since I couldn’t take them on my phone (I guess the camera I used doesn’t handle low light as well :man_shrugging:)


I like the picture of the wall port. That reminds me on my childhood. We had exactly the same.

And only one tap for water. Of course cold.

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@Anjou1888 Andrew while I appreciate the post, you should really post this in the contest thread so people know what it’s for and all entries are in one place

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It does say start a new thread on the competition but posting a reference in the official thread to ‘new’ threads would help @AnkerOfficial choosing the winners…

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My mistake, I didn’t realize it said to start a new thread. But definitely post there linking to this @Anjou1888

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Good review. Good luck man

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Nice review! and pics

Nice! good review and well done talking about a scenario where it can be handy to have 5 ports for charging…

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Good review, I like the story :clap:
does you wall plug really looks like that?

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Yes, it’s in the basement though… I never spent the money to finish it :man_shrugging:. I have an “office” down there. It’s partially finished :wink: