The Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest | Win a $100 Mystery Box

Hey, Anker Fans!

Are you ready to celebrate the holiday, look terrible, and win prizes? Yeah, of course you are!:santa::santa::santa:

We are looking for the 3 ugliest Christmas sweaters that the community (and perhaps the world) has ever seen! The 3 people who we deem to have the ugly, uglier, and ugliest sweaters will all take home a $100 mystery box.

But before we get down to business, we must first decide what qualifies as an ugly sweater. Handmade, 100-year-old, moth-eaten sweaters are of course the gold standard in this field, but some of us aren’t lucky enough to have such a hideous creation in the family. So for this contest, we won’t be excluding store-bought sweaters, bold boutique sweaters, or even ironically worn sweaters (we won’t exclude, but we will judge).

To enter, just post a photo of your ugliest Christmas sweater down in the comments below, then share the event on social media with the hashtag #AnkerUglyChristmas.

Are you ready? Cos things are about to get ugly…:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Power On!


  1. To enter the contest, you need to post a photo of your ugly Christmas sweater (you are welcome to be wearing it!) in the comments and share the event with the hashtag #AnkerUglyChristmas on Facebook and Twitter.

  2. Your ugly Christmas sweater will be judged on creativity, composition and acceptable standards of sweater design. The top 3 ugly sweaters will win a mystery box worth $100!

  3. Winners will be announced on December 20th, 2019.

  4. This event is open to the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain only.

  5. Anker reserves the right of final explanation.

Winner Announcement!

Thanks everyone’s participation! There are a lot of funny sweaters here! Now it’s time to announce the winners! Let’s congrats to:

What an effort! This is a guy who clearly loves Christmas and is dedicated to the art of the ugly sweater. We salute you!

Somehow when you combine beautiful Anker tech with a fairly standard Christmas sweater, you end up with a total monstrosity.

The Anker community team was a bit split on this decision. Some of us thought the sweater was downright ugly, others thought it fell in the so-bad-it’s-good category. Whatever the truth may be, it looks like you’re having a great time wearing it, and that’s what ugly Christmas sweaters are really all about.

Congratulations to all of you!

Remember, we still have one Christmas giveaway event left. If you haven’t entered already, head over there now for a chance to win your dream Anker gift.



Disclamer: The efficiency of the sweater is directly affected by it’s surroundings. The wearer of the sweater understands and is solely responsible for the obliteration of any lifelong relationships and/or friendships. These relationships include, but are not exclusive to, brothers, sisters, mothers, and/or fathers.


It doesn’t get any uglier than this :rofl:


I don’t have one, but I look forward to seeing the others!


Hope you all have the ugliest holiday season yet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I didn’t have one either, so I got creative. I’m not sure if it counts or not, but I thought it was funny enough to share regardless.


Awesome @TheCharneco :ok_hand:t2:


Thanks! This year marks our 10th annual ugly sweater party, so I’ve collected quite a few over the years. We call it the “Ho Ho Heeeyyyyy!” (say hey as sassily as you can and even add a snap in there at the end if you feel like it) :rofl:


What did I just see…


It’s time to just sit back and get some popcorn :laughing:

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I added as much sass as i could.
It felt wrong, but i kinda linked it :kissing_heart:

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This is one of the single most hideous creations I have ever seen. Someone a few years ago at my company x-mas party had one similar.


Sometimes you just have to embrace what you have and run with it


@TheCharneco you seems to have ugly holiday parties for long time… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: great collection dude !! :+1:

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This one was really special. It lasted me for several years, until one night after work, I wore it out to the bar with some colleagues. This is not just any bar, this is a very blue-collar cowboy bar in a small post-industrial town. As you can imagine, I got some very strange looks and a few comments about this sweater in a bar like that!

Anyway, I decided to take it off and just wear my t-shirt that I had underneath. So I went out to the parking lot and put it in (what I thought) was my friend’s truck bed. Turns out there was more than one grey Tacoma in the parking lot that night, and I accidentally put it in some random guy’s truckbed :laughing::rofl::joy:

I always have wished I could have seen the look on his face when he found this sweater in the back of his truck mysteriously after a night at the bar! Or, better yet, if a friend or family member found it and asked him what on earth he had this sweater for! :laughing::rofl::joy:


Hey @AnkerOfficial, does it need to be shared on both Twitter and Facebook?

I hope you wear all of them and dance/strip at every party you go to!

This was awesome, and I hope you win!


I’m just imagining that guy getting home and being completely stoned, and finding the sweater. He wouldn’t believe it was real until the next morning :rofl: