How We Perfect the Portable Charger

Industrial Design – Understated Complexity

To you, your portable charger is an everyday piece of tech for that pesky low phone battery. To us, your portable charger is the fruit of thousands of hours of labor. Our industrial designers spent months developing Anker’s Power series. Countless combinations of shapes, sizes and materials were examined. Now we’re able to provide you with the safest, most compact and most durable portable charger in the world. What you should take for granted, we uphold as our guarantee to each and every customer.

Not All Batteries Are Created Equal

At the heart of every portable charger is its battery. In order to deliver industry-leading charging performance, battery power and efficiency must be maximized. The Anker PowerCore series use only the highest grade lithium-ion cells in the world. And to ensure your Anker portable charger keeps going and going, the battery cells undergo a full year of longevity testing before they are ready to go inside our chargers.

The Most Intelligent Microchips

If the battery is the heart of a portable charger, the microchip is the brain. These tiny but powerful chips communicate with their counterparts inside your mobile device to enable adaptable and dynamic charging. As is the case with our battery cells, the microchips we use are the most advanced in the world and have a fail rate of less than 1 in 500,000. That’s around 50 times more reliable than regular chip components.

Our Industry-Leading Technology

Our engineers spend up to 200 hours optimizing the fusion of battery cells and electrical circuitry to enable the fastest and smartest charging performance. You don’t need to know the technologies behind PowerIQ, VoltageBoost and MultiProtect; you just need to know that with an Anker charger, your device will always be charged as quickly and safely as possible.

The Most Comprehensive Testing

During production, our chargers must pass an exhaustive list of tests before they can leave the factory. The series of tests cover around twenty potential hazards, from fire to friction, humidity, and more. Our world-class quality control team spends hundreds of hours thoroughly examining each and every product to make sure the product you receive works every time and lasts a long time.

Full Safety Approval

With the tests complete, we make sure our chargers have all the safety certifications required. We even obtain certificates not usually seen on products like these — including the U.S. Department of Energy’s highest energy efficiency rating — all to ensure maximum safety, reliability and peace of mind.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

At last the charger is ready to package. This too takes time to get right. We spend hours testing each type of packaging against impacts, vibration and extreme temperatures. If both product and packaging come through completely unscathed, then we seal it up and send your Anker charger to you.

The Choice of Over 10 Million Happy Users

Such excellence hasn’t gone unnoticed. Anker chargers have been praised by leading tech bloggers, featured in international news media and voted best-in-class by countless online reviewers.

So, are you one of our Happy Users?


I for one certainly appreciate the 10,000 hrs you guys put into the products, shows true dedication to bring a quality product and not just to make a quick buck. Not hard to see why the fan base has grown to 10+ million. Keep up the good work guys!


Thank you Anker for taking the time to make sure reliable and useful products, so that we (gadget lovers) can keep enjoying our devices. It is really nice to know that a company like Anker takes pride in their products and are willing to do it right the first time around. And of course, still having the drive to improve. This is what draws gadget lovers to Anker. I am a diehard Anker fan, ever since I picked up the Astro E battery years ago. Still working today. I trust Anker to power all my gadget needs. Great job Anker and looking forward to seeing what else you guys have in store for us all. :slight_smile:


Wow, I didn’t realize all the work that goes into your power banks! And I’m glad to see the amount of real world testing that is done. Thanks!


Maybe you guys can teach Samsung a thing or two given all the media attention of their phones catching on fire.


Well done! Using one now!


I’ve got 2. They are the best and everyone who jumps on my mine for a boost tend to go and buy one too :yum:


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Definitely a great product. Looking forward to what Anker has in the future


REALLY they work very well compared to the other brands

The 26800mah is fantastic, best bang for charging buck there is!


Using anker products for years has really improved my ability to keep doing what I need to do. I can count the number of people who I have showed anker products and have loved them just as much as I have. From the first charger I received I could tell that quality is a must for the anker team.

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Great!! work.Its always good if a company puts its resources and time in innovating and evolving.This define a Vision for self and others to thrive in a healthy competitive environment.

Hoping,Anker keep this going!!


I think that says it all. There is a lot of cost in developing products. Cost that is made up through pricing. It takes a lot of R&D to make a quality product and a quality product is worth paying a little extra for.


I have several Anker batteries. It’s the only brand that I recommend. My only criticism is that I leave them at random places (usually in the house, but sometimes in the car), so I wish I could track them! I know, my fault, but still… By the way, the solar charger is a hit when I bring it to Ingress First Saturday. We also brought a Power Port 5 to the last First Saturday, as well. It’s great to have so many options.


Hahaa true!


Seriously all of your products are amazingly well build, awesome.

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hahahahha, true. I think Anker products are far more superior than others.


The way how the package is cool looking.