Fast Food...what is your favorite?

So the beer and coffee posts got me wondering, what kinds of fast food do people around the world really like? We all know McDonalds and KFC, but what about the more regional and local fat food places. Like, where should eat cheap food in London, Shanghai, Mumbai, or Dubai? These are the sorts of things only locals really know. Here are some of my favorites to get us started.

I’m from the American South originally, so the first place I have to mention is Bojangles:

This is a specialty biscuit place with bacon egg and cheese, country ham, fried chicken, berry biscuits, and GRAVY BISCUITS. Biscuits are the measure of a cook in the south, and this place has them NAILED. They actually have someone make them from scratch every morning starting at like 4am. It’s definitely worth a stop if you are in the south, and any southerner will RAVE about this place if you ask them.

The next place I love is Long John Silvers. It’s a fish and chips place that features “crispies” of fried batter with their fish and plenty of malt vinegar to go around. Brits will porbably turn up their nose to such a commercial fish and chips place, but it’s the best we can get in the US.

As you can tell, I’m pretty excited when I can find one, as they are not anywhere hear where I currently live.

You can see that round blob of fried goodness there on top. That’s a “hush puppy,” a distinctly southern American fired cornmeal ball, generally associated with less affluent populations post civil war, when the south could not access wheat as easily as it could corn (maize).

So what do you eat for fast food? It doesn’t have to be a “fast food restaurant” like these, it could be anything - street vendors, small shops, whatever people people in your area grab for a quick bite that does not cost a whole lot. I’m looking to put some foods on my list to find when I travel abroad.

Thanks for reading!


Spam/point farming. I am so ashamed of you.

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Wow. Sorry I had a good time posting to the Beer and Coffee threads. Thought this would be a good chance to learn more about the myriad cultures we come from. Guess not.


It’s in the general section and could be a good point of discussion based on the coffee threads and some past threads that @AnkerOfficial has mentioned food in…what the problem :open_hands: :yum: (yes , I’m guessing you were being sarcastic)


Fa(s)tfood: NEVER!
May be I got so old by never touching those culinary delights.:wink:


Too many choices in the US. I’m glad we don’t have as many in Europe. But still, my favorite is Coyotaco.

Keep it simple myself (and as limited as possible)…Pizza Hut, KFC or Taco Bell

Though can’t resist a good fry up on the way to the coast, not exactly fast food per say but it’s quicker than cooking it myself :grin:

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That looks very British indeed.
If I would eat this I will be full for a whole week! :yum:

But lets take a look to a typical breakfast in Munich:

Its quite the same regarding calories! :joy:

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See I use to love Checkers… That’s where I gained most my weight because when I did electrical work that was the only place to eat near our jobsite. Then when I lived in Vermont it was Wendy’s because I got discounts all the time. But now we live in the south I don’t mind a Ham biscuit from Bojangles or Hardee’s. But our go to place to eat is Angels Pizzaria, this guy makes the Best New York style pizza I have tasted outside of New York.

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Ja, that’s the way to gain weight!
I’m so glad to be at home now and my wife and I are the real
“Chefes de Cuisine”.

Those who are not able to cook are regrettable.

But its so easy!

We had a thread were a lot of members were so proud of their recipes they managed. I loved it!

I’m a fan of Wendy’s, mainly because you can substitute their delicious chili for fries, and then I feel a little less guilty about eating fast food. :joy:

Hi @ajsanders2004,

Thank you for your reporting, I do respect your opinions.

Although it’s not a standard product discussion, it still a high-effort post that I would like to encourage. :innocent:

At Anker community, in addition to sharing product thoughts, users can also share their daily life experience, so I think this is not a useless spam post.:innocent:

@ryandhazen keep up the great work!:clap:


Oh Ja, there is not always a need to discuss company’s or technical stuff.

There might be many members who are not such “tech freaks” (me TOO).
So such a theme is fun and helps a lot to get in touch with other members.
As we are spread out all over the world it helps us a lot to get more and more a real community of friends.

Of course sometimes misunderstandings show up.
But we ALL are friends enough to manage those and to talk about frankly.

The world is bearing serious problems such a lot in our days.
So let’s have some tiny fun here. :grin:


@ajsanders2004 you really need to brief yourself on the rules and the casual side of the community more better if you thought this is spam/point farming.

Great job on this post @ryandhazen it’s fascinating learning about other countries and the fast food places that they have.

For me I’ve been known to be a sucker for Papa Johns pizza and BBQ wings. :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

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I’m a big sucker for some hot wings, growing up I use to hate hot sauce because of the vinegar. Then all of a sudden one day it was like I was on a quest for the hottest hot sauce and wings. Which I found, but quickly realized that while they were excruciatingly hot they were flavorless, so I set out to make my own hot sauce that was not only hot but flavorful. I succeeded but I haven’t made it in so long I’m not sure if j remember the recipe right


As bad as it sounds, best fast food around me is gas station made-to-order. in the Northeast US its all about Wawa, Rutter’s, Sheetz and Turkey Hill. Imagine being able to gas up, then walk into the store where you can order anything from burgers to tacos to salads. Think a buffet and Subway mashed together.

Hardly ever do a regular fast food place when you can go here.


For fast food I get a pizza and fries from my local Asian takeaway… pretty tasty;)


Yes, I like sheetz

I’m also a fan of extremely spicy food. I have found that ghost peppers while being extremely hot leave a sweet aftertaste if you can get past the inferno in your mouth.

As for fast food anything wrapped in tortilla :slight_smile:


pizza … definitely

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