Coffee, what is your favorite?

Since I do not have an Anker Powerbank, I use an old laptop battery which provides 11,5 V .

But it would be a nice application for a powerbank ! The motor needs during work about 1 to 2 amps current.

I am pretty useless until I’ve had my morning cup of coffee so popping a K-Cup in the Keurig works best for me. Right now I am experimenting with different blends and grinds normally I use reusable K-Cups with Pete’s or Starbucks blends. I have been using bags of Starbucks Christmas blend and Peet’s espresso forte and experimenting with different steep times and water temperatures. I like my coffee strong but not too strong,

I hadn’t put much thought into brewing coffee until I saw the chemist in breaking bad brewing his perfect cup of coffee. Eventually I would like to set up a similar coffee brewing station to the one he had with beakers and Bunsen burners and all that fun stuff.

Keurig life!:joy::sunglasses: for now…

You need not “dangerous” equipment as this one, Jesse.

This is doing fine as well



Nahh the more dangerous the better and will serve a dual purpose making my coffee and keeping me on my toes in the morning. :joy::joy:

I ran out of likes today for the second or third time this year…

Well, one step in the direction of “breaking bad” is to grind the beans yourself. With an adjustable coffee grinder. You will experience a big difference. Not only the smell in your kitchen , most of all the taste of the coffee. And you can make experinents: grounding more or less fine makes big differences.

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I like Ethiopian yrga personally. This new CoffeeGator is my go-to method now. It’s got a resuseable filter basket that rinses clean:

It pours over quickly and easily:

And makes the best cup I’ve had with such minimal effort. (Whiskey in the background optional :wink:

I also grind my own beans and sometimes use a french press, which can make a little better cup than this method but is a pain to clean and maintain.


I use a reusable K-Cup and grind beans every few days. I tend to go for a medium grind fine is too strong and bitter for me and course doesn’t have enough kick.

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Now that is cool…and available in the U.K…I can here the amazon page calling my name :grin:

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I’ve discovered a new coffee place in town (Bristol, uk) called… 2 day grind, and all coffee was ground n roasted less than 2 days ago.

Believe it or not, it’s cheaper than the corporate coffee shops, and is a really nice cuppa.

I use my k-cup

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Colombian coffee :ok_hand:

I heard from someone, that fresh roasted coffee has to “ripen” for some time. 2 to 4 weeks. But I do not know if this ferers to all kind of coffees.

Not that I’ve ever heard. I was always under the impression, to enjoy coffee at its absolute best, it’s to be consumed with a max of 2 weeks after roasting. However, the vast majority of coffee we drink is well older than that by the time we get it home. Including all supermarkets, and (bar speciality shops) all coffee shops too.

This is why they all now use nitrogen gas, to replace the oxygen, to keep it as fresh as possible.

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Ja, Cheese, salami, wine, whisky, beer, ham. But coffee?

Regarding the ice cream you are enjoying??..No chance to get ripe! :joy:

Yes, they use gas. Correct. But the fresh roasted coffee also produces gas itself, some CO2 . On the packets you find in normal stores there is a kind of vent. This vent lets out the CO2, but does not let in oxygen. And in the first days, the coffee beans contain and produce more of such CO2.

So dont care, if your pack is 2 or 4 weeks old - its better !

On the other end: it should not be much older than 3 - 4 months.

I live in the desert southwest and it gets extremely hot about 9 months out of the year. So my favorite coffee is 7-11 Iced Mocha with 2 stok shots! It does say Limit 2/per day cause it will get you wired!

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Hah, I usually add 4 or 5 if those shots to my French brew or Sumatra coffee from the local Sheetz gas station. Sure it says a limit but it never gets me wired. I just like the taste if it all



I recently discovered the excellent taste of Specialty Grade 1 Ethiopian coffee. I ordered a bag of Yirgacheffe and Honey washed Dawi from

Anyone else has good recommendations for Ethiopian coffee – I would love to hear them!

There is a privat “Coffee and Tea-club” here on the forum.
Join there , read, publish and have fun!:smile:

I’m a fan of Marley coffee espresso roast… pick it up from ecs coffee when it’s on sale for Black Friday.

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