Beer, what is your favorite?

Beer! I LOVE Beer!! Beer is one of my favorite beverages along with Coffee. Since the last post about your Favorite Cofee gained some attention, I’m creating this post.

I’m starting this topic to get a list of your favorite beer so I have some new ones to try.

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I’ll start off, currently my favorite beer these days are the following:

  1. Fat Tire

  2. Old Mecklenburg Brewery Copper

This post is definitely for you @fhassm :wink: on an unrelated note your review of the SoundCore Model Zero was featured in the latest community newsletter today! You’ve definitely made it now my friend. :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


O thanks.

I will take a look in my basement tomorrow and see what is stored there.:grin:

Should be different beers as usual.
Prost & Cheers!

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Not sure where you are in Germany @fhassm, but BrewDog beer is definitely my favourite. They now have a bar in Berlin too.

In fact I love their beer so much I now have some shares in the company!!

I’ve also just started brewing my own beer. Only a 4L Demi John size at the moment, looking to scale up to a grainfather when I move house and get a garage!

IPA mostly, looking at an imperial stout next.

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Current go to beer is Budweiser but it use to be Tennents.

Well at the moment I have a pint of Räuber Kneissl Bier. It is a dark, or you say stout beer. Very aromatic and tasty, with about 5 percent of alcohol. So medium strong. It is named after a bavarian robber, which was also a kind of revoluzzer. Therefore I placed the bottle in the right atmosphere …


The older I get the less beer I can really drink. I also don’t like the bathroom trips. Since my early 20’s was filled with Miller Lite, Natural Light and the like. Once I got some money, I really liked craft beer. Crazy breweries have since passed up producing some really good beer. I have been enjoying some good bourbon and red wine. But I do still have a few beers every now and again.

I really enjoyed the Goose Island Bourbon County Stouts this year. Specifically the Midnight Orange Stout

Founder’s makes some really good bourbon aged brews. Kentucky Bourbon Stout and their Canadian Breakfast Stout.

Another craft beer phase was the NE IPA, brewed with citrus juice.

I really liked Maplewood’s Son of Juice

Gotta go to the little boys room!


I’m a BIG fan of beer. I live in a town with 30,000 people that has five breweries:

The top one ( Blackfoot River Brewing Company) is my home brewery. That’s where I go most and where they all know my name :sunglasses: I usually go for the IPA as a standby (kind of basic, I know), and Blackfoot River Brewing has the best one I have ever tasted. But they also have an excellent bitter, lager, and scotch ale. Not to mention the stout, but I’ve got to be in the mood for that!

Lately they’ve been adding new styles like kolsch, pilsner, gose, mexican lager, and others to the rotation. It’s nice to have something new to drink all the time, since it gets me out of my routine.

A couple of selections from our other breweries worth mentioning:

SnowHop has a Kolsch that’s to die for and a “Grodziskie” which I had never heard of before going there. They smoke the wheat before brewing so it’s got a smokey flavor. Kind of wild in a Beer, but it works.

TenMile has a lemongrass pale that’s a great summer sipper, sweet and mellow at the same time.

Crooked furrow has a maxican lager that always on tap and awesome, as well as a good IA and Munich Helles that really hit the spot.

One of the coolest things around here is that Lewis and Clark Brewing does a “neighborhood IPA” where they collect hops that people grow around town and brew it into an IPA. It’s different every year, which is a fun thing to look forward to.

Lewis and Clark also wins lots of national awards for their hefeweizen and pale ales. They actually won small brewery of the year in the US:

Just lucky to live in Helena I guess. Storngly recommend a brewerry tour of the whole state of Montana if any of you are in the area let me know! :grin::beers:

Cheers! Prost!

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I’ve cut way back, but in San Diego we have about 140 breweries. Some of my favorite beers are:

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I don’t drink, haven’t had a drink going in 3 years now. But when I did drink I loved Guinness


While I was in New Orleans this was my favorite beer. BUT the hangover is one of the worst ever! Andy Gator is the type of beer that would shank you in the liver a couple of times and smack you in the head. Pairs very well with some dirty rice, etouffe, or jambalaya. It is totally worth it though.

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Usually stick to the generic lagers (Budweiser, Coor’s or Carling) but often bought Anchor Steam when Tesco UK used to stock it (other UK prices were nuts)…

German good ol’ Paulaner!

Really, rtena ? But what kind ? They make a good Weißbier. And also a nice dark beer , so which is your favourite ?

I always liked the Paulaner Weissbeir. Then my favorite Weiss changed to Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse.

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Very good choice - Franziskaner is also my favourite. I like especially the dark one !
Do you know the bavarian “Russn-Maß” ? This is one liter, consisting of half (liter) Weißbier and half (liter) lemonade - the white one (something like sprite) . A very refreshing drink - especially when it is hot.

Damn, you just reminded me of it and now I want one!

matters on the mood for me… from craft beer to regular type ipa / ale … as i get older the more i love ale it seems like … the flavor is so rich … any suggestions from anyone for new experience?

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Make a trip to Germany. And then go to the area called Franken. There you can walk from one brewery to the next. Sounds a bit extreme - but it is true. O.k., you should be a good walker - but it is possible !