Fast Food...what is your favorite?

You know Jesse, spicy food burns twice… :joy:

Isn’t it some kind of masochism…hehehe!


Spicy food only burns twice if your body can’t handle and break it down properly. I have no issues with spicy food, where as others cringe at the thought if it coming out

I am kidding of course (as usual, sorry)

As far I remember there is ranking list regarding those chilies.
There are some high listed when you take a look at you get out of breath.

Of course I like spicy food as well, using “piripiri” (Tiago knows as its “origen Brasil”)

My buddy at work made a barbecue sauce with Carolina Reapers… Not bad flavor, but the burn is just too much and stole the flavor of the food away.

I’m going to have to go with @elmo41683 on this one one. Peppers only bother you twice if you don’t have spicy blood😛



Oh ja Jesse, my blood is weaked by to many beers.

Or may be you got a horny skin somewhere!
(Exercise of course!) :joy:

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Wow @ndalby that fry up looks amazing…like something I would make in my own home!

My advice to to @fhassm - Never eat the spiciest wings at BWW if you are ever in the states and crazy enough to go there. Worst “day after” of my life with spicy food. Also, is that a weisswurst?

@Monk3e did they put jalapeno poppers on that sandwich? Leave it up to the gas stations to “innovate” on fast food :joy:

@Jesse_Hernandez1 check out La Pa if you are ever in MT. They will wrap anything in a tortilla, from curry to alfredo to jambalaya to buffalo!

@Muhammad_02 Pizza and fries from asian takeaway? Do they have any asian fusion pizza or fries, or is it just like regular pizza and fries?

@elmo41683 do you use Franks Red hot or some other sauce on those wings? I love Red hot, because it’s the classic buffalo flavor, but I’ve been looking for something more homemade. I’ve gotten into making turkey wings lately. They’re the size of chicken legs basically, but cheaper and meatier than chicken wings.

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Thanks @AnkerOfficial :hugging:

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Fun thread, nice one.

Does johnny rockets count as a fastfood joint? cuz I like their burgers the best…freshest ingredients

honestly their classic hamburger reminds me of crabby patty for some odd reason

Of course it is a “Weisswurst”.
Normally served with sweet mustard.

But because we Bavarians are open minded
you can eat this “Weisswurst” covered with chili powder if you want.

You will never violate any laws here. :sweat_smile:

“Guten Appetit” :yum:

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@TechnicallyWell did you see this story when it came out?

That put me off of the wendy’s chili for some time :nauseated_face:

Still love a Jr. Bacon Cheese though :grin:

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I do use Frank’s red hot, but I use to make my own hot sauce. My friend said d go would compare my sauce to Dave’s Gourmet Insanity sauce but more flavorful if that tells you anything. But if you want to try something different see if you can source Dave gourmet Insanity sauce, it’s more of a homely recipe

Regarding those hot sauces.
Do you really taste the meat?
I would say this sauces cover all.

I have some high blood pressure, not serious.
Now taking medicaments its about 120/80 better than before.
But I stopped using extra salt.
There is so much salt in the food.
Eg. Sausage, cheese.

The first time I thought there is something missing.
But now I really taste the flavour of the meat, the vegetables etc.

Just an idea!

Well - my favourite fast food is slow food …

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Oh, so their chili is higher in protein than I thought! :joy:

I love this post! Food is one of my favourite topics and it’s always interesting to learn about other peoples eating habits! Just for the record I’d heard of Long John Silver’s before but I thought it was an American clothes shop :joy:

In SE London the majority of fast food shops are run-down fried chicken shops but they’ve been tightening up on hygiene recently. McDonalds, KFC and Burger King aside we have an abundance of Fried chicken, Kebab, Chinese & Indian takeaways, but there are traditional Turkish, Italian, Pie & Mash, Thai etc. restaurants dotted around too.

Personally I’m a sucker for a Morleys (Pic from Google Images)

I used to be a KFC guy but they’ve gone downhill and Morleys is only coming up, the chicken batter is tastier, the wings and portions are bigger (We joke that KFC uses pigeon wings) and it’s much cheaper, although I think brexit will be interfering with that. If you ever hit up a Morleys I recommend the Magnum burger or the grilled peri peri :slight_smile:

Next up is Chinese. It’s nowhere near authentic but it’s what we know as chinese food, although I don’t get it often as it’s usually greasier than the fried chicken.
This is my local (Pic from Google Images)

My hands down favourite restaurant was closed down last year as they were found to be selling blow from behind the bar and traces were found in the kitchen (Which would explain why the food was so addictive :joy:)

Desperados was a Mexican restaurant & bar but I just used to order the steak…£20 would get you this: (One of the very few pictures I’ve ever taken of food, it doesn’t usually last long enough :joy:)

The picture doesn’t do it much justice but it was perfect…Their homemade peppercorn sauce was to die for! I’ve yet to find another good steak restaurant that delivers :slight_smile:

That’s a little taste of my Takeaway preferences, but i’d say chicken shops like Morleys and Chinese Takeaways are what the majority of SE Londoners tend to go for.

Wendy’s looks awesome, a CUP of Chilli con carne? Amazing. I feel like Alan from The Hangover when he found Fanta in a bag :joy:


You can if you want em. Or my favorite is a burger with jalepeno poppers on top (definitely unhealthy). That location Rutters even has a route 30 burger… 1 to 3 burger patties with choice of toppings sandwiched between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches (tried once.and never again, could feel my arteries clogging).

Northeast never has any time to relax and enjoy life so we have our best fast food right at the pumps haha.


This made me hungry and I only just ate :joy:
You reminded me of a Restaurant called Flamin’ Grill, probably the closest the UK will ever get to the Heart Attack Grill…I can’t find the picture I took but they had these £15 deals, either a giant rack of ribs, a 16oz Steak or my choice, A burger named something so impressive I forgot what it was called…

It was 2 1/2lb angus beef patties topped with a 1/2lb chicken breast steak, cheese sauce, cheese, streaked bacon, Chilli con carne, more cheese and finally the bun. All the meals were accompanied with a stack of chilli/cheesy/normal fries (fat fries not the toothpicks you get in Mcdonalds) and a bunch of onion rings.

I’m a skinny guy, but I cleared my plate along with 2 pints of coke, I remember thinking I was never going to need to eat another meal again. I wondered why they put chilli con carne IN the burger (Never heard of such a thing) but I think it’s just there to help you…PROCESS…all the meat.

I need to get back there one day but everyone I know is useless at making arrangements, and that includes me :joy:


I love Cook Out and 5 guys (weird names, I know) but their food is delicious


As long as the topic hasn’t been repeated and is under the right section, it’s all good for you guys can talk about some stuff off topic. We would like to see some various topics and interesting stuff. :wink: