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Hey, Anker fans! It’s been a while…but as many of you already know, Anker returned with it’s first Anker On Board event in three years last week in New York City! :partying_face:

Media attendees were lucky enough to witness new product launches from eufy Security, soundcore, NEBULA and Anker PPS, and now we’d like to share with you some highlights and memories, and of course, give you some of the latest information about our new products!

Before the event the team worked hard to create some immersive product experiences for the attendees :clap:

Can anyone spot the new Power Station powered by GaNPrime™?

Look’s like nobody is home over at eufy:laughing:

Anyone for a laser powered movie night?

Now onto the event itself…

The event kicked off in style with a keynote presentation from our CEO Steven Yang, where he gave an update on where we are, and what’s coming next for Anker.

Then, brand experts from the company gave attendees an overview of all the latest and greatest news from each brand, including product announcements, branding updates and a special partnership announcement from Anker and Kampgrounds of America (KOA).

Let’s take a closer look at some highlights from the night, starting with the world’s first portable Power Station powered by GaNPrime™ :eyes:

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Any AnkerMake backers out here? Robert gave everyone some new exciting new updates, and even gave demonstrations throughout the night.

soundcore had a few big announcements, with highlights being Sleep A10 and Liberty 4 being launched :headphones: Oh yeah…and Adam had a great blazer :laughing:

eufy clean never cease to amaze with their latest innovations, and in this update there’s definitely something for the whole family here.

Any new parents out there? Pre order the S360 Smart Sock now and enjoy an early bird discount :baby:

Last but not least, was the introduction of eufyCam 3

BionicMind™ means our AI can tell if someone is a known family member, friend, or a stranger with 99.9% accuracy. BionicMind™ also uses self-learning algorithms after every facial and body shape scan to improve recognition accuracy - no matter what you’re wearing or how you approach the camera.

Following the event, media and influencers were able to walk through immersive experiences from soundcore, eufy Security, Anker and KOA, AnkerMake and Nebula to check out new products and learn more about each brand from the team.

You can watch the full event HERE

As always, none of this would have been possible without you, Anker fans! Once again, thank you for your continuing support :clap:

Now the only remaining question is…What are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below :arrow_down_small:


Thanks for allowing us to stream the On Board event, it was so amazing! Also, I’m most excited for the Anker 767 PowerHouse! I’ve been waiting for that ever since it was mentioned in the GaNPrime annoucement, it’s so amazing to see that it’s finally about to be released! I already own the 521, 535, and 555, so this will be the ultimate PowerHouse that I’ll own soon enough!!


I think it is nice to see a solo stove that they partnered with in the pics as well. Lol

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The new PowerHouse 767 may be my next purchase; I was hoping to beta test but it doesn’t look to be. I love my 521, but need something with more oomph to power a hot plate or power tool here and there along with truly mobile working.


Does anyone know what the USB PD variable voltage mode of the PowerHouse GaNPrime - 2048Wh will be? The PowerHouse - 1229Wh only has 3.3-16V⎓3.25A, not 3.3-21V⎓5A.

It is good we have diversity of needs to test these products.

I prefer diversity of energy types, I use flask to store hot drinks and different types of camping stoves. So I tend to restrict electrical stored energy to only where electricity is needed.

Everything electrical is at risk of this type of event

My smallest “hot plate” is this


uses 19th century technology.

I went to the Anker On Board event in 2019. I wasn’t invited that year, as I live in New York City :frowning:

The 3D Printer and Rave Party 2 are most interesting.


Sure, in my mind there are two scenarios for these types of units:

  1. Used for Car Camping, Van/RV’s, Mobile work, Outdoor events without power available.
  2. Natural disasters & power outages

Having a traditional propane/gas generator, along with firewood is always a good idea for heat and cooking; I’ve got a nice stockpile of both. But for everything in the first list, solar generators are an ideal solution.


I did enjoy seeing somebody from the community at one of the events. I know on Soundcore they have what was called the launch event passes. Wonder if that could have been used for that. Although the launch does limit the ability for some to attend…lol


But I am not sure what they could be used for or if they would even be good nowadays lol

Well currently there is no real way to cash them out to even to use them or a way to track them…

Overall they did have some sweet products out. I did like the 3d printer as well and the new nebula capsule as well.

They did some event in Seattle in 2019

I was at the Anker On Board in NYC in 2019.
I even spoke to founder Steven Yang and spoke to him at length:

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It’s be good if you started sharing a few more details and specifications of the 767 please, as it’s release date is fast approaching?

With such a lot of powerhouses you need a “caretaker”

(Here in “Neudeutsch” or better “denglish” they use the expression “facility manager”
Stupid those people are .
I call it simply “Hausmeister” :rofl: )

Excited about the 767 Powerhouse. Anxiously awaiting details. can’t wait to try it out.

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