Community Upgrade | Big Announcement!


I can see your bucks history in 20th and 23rd, it may show different date in your time zone.

thanks for the information @AnkerOfficial :blush:

Along with the timezone changes, the question still is why are the PBs missing for 21st and 24th June ? I had logged into the community and posted comments for both these dates, i should still see the PBs for “Visit the community” :thinking:

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Still the problem displayed in the time zone.

Sorry, but the timezone is clearly not the problem! That’s just why it’s displaying different dates where you are.

The problem is that PowerBucks are not being rewarded as they should be for visiting the Community at least once a day…

I can confirm that this issue is affecting my account, as well.


Hope the community will not file class action lawsuits. :joy::joy::joy:


Its affecting all of us, ever since the cha ge the powerbucks just are not being added


It’s not the time zone!!
in that case, we should see double entries for one or the other, should tally at the end, which is not!!!

Please verify with your team :wrench::nut_and_bolt::gear::key::hammer_and_wrench:


If it is timezone, it should be cumulative, the timezone should be transparent and we should see PB points for everyday and there should be no gaps.

@AnkerOfficial can you please have 2nd and 3rd opinion from your techs to get this flaw fixed, thanks!

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@Chiquinho your killing me with these posts! Funny my friend! I guess $5 bucks is $5 bucks… sounds like Anker may have to give out IOUs

Listen, stop saying its timezone based when clearly it is not. With many members now missing nu.erous powerbucks for logging in and being here, there is obviously something wrong and it needs looking into and it being fixed. Its one thing to state something as a fa t, but to keep saying it when there is proof from many members who are missing stuff is kinda cynical

Missing bucks for visiting the community on the 20th and 24th

It can’t be a timezone issue if whole days are missing.

Everyone discussing this issue is a daily visitor and is trying to help.

Help us help you :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:




You have all the right memes today :joy:

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Lol I’m on fire today :sunglasses:


Now missing bucks for visiting the community for the 20th 24th and 26th

I think the complete lack of urgency to fix this problem and @AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical unwillingness to even admit there’s a problem is completely inexcusable. Get it together.

Whether or not this has anything to do with time zones is debatable but it doesn’t explain the missing days.

I’m sure I will be looked upon less favorably by @AnkerOfficial for making a big fuss about this issue but somebody has to do it and it already seems they don’t like me for whatever reason I don’t know.


Missing powerbucks for 20th, 23rd and now 27th… this is a sequential issue on PB crediting system… every 3-4 days PBs are not added

Follow-up on June 25th – > Community Upgrade | Big Announcement!

Follow-up on June 21st – > Community Upgrade | Big Announcement!

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical will you please look into this…

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@TheDude @Shenoy



Great minds buddy. I was just going to say that but you nailed it :joy::grin:

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I got the memes ready :rofl:

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Me waiting for @AnkerOfficial to acknowledge there is a problem.