Community Upgrade | Big Announcement!

Lol wonderful :clap: :clap:


This is starting to get kinda annoying… I too been missing some PBs and now the powerdraw is doubled on entries and cost the same amount as before. Think it would be cheaper to just flat out buy the desired product.


Hence why I don’t enter. Let’s just say they’re are an average of 60 entries per item… which is being generous… I’ve entered at least 60 times, and haven’t won… the thing is rigged lol.

Much prefer the auction haha

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Auction is better any day…

@AnkerOfficial may be for the next upgrade, just have one point system - merge Exp Points and Powerbucks as a single entity… Exp points does not count much unless we reach the Level 7 for T-shirts :blush:


please try to come up with a plan to get rid of all these points and powerbucks. Anker and sister brands such as Roav, Soundcore, eufy and Nebula have already made their names, and dont feel these are necessary.

I am sure to get a lot of backlash for writing these, but in the long run, this is the way to go. Have testing events, more innovative events, surveys, reviews (testing products or purchased products) give some incentives / discounts for these!


Just playing :joy::joy: but seriously & respectfully I think those are horrible ideas.

If anything as their business grows they should have a larger marketing budget. Customer feedback and word of mouth advertising is an intrical part of Ankers business strategy.

I definitely think they need to hire more people it seems their employees are overworked… The reason I say this is product rollout is extremely slow and they very rarely update their websites.


Not that i am comparing,… has anyone heard of Apple do this kind of community with giveaways and free stuff???

They may, at max ( i think so) give away products (may be) to major publications who review and top social media folks for reviews and something in these lines.

During initial startup and growth phase, all these give-aways and reviews and all these make good sense, but once these companies have attained a certain popularity, they don’t need all these powerbucks stuff!!

Note that I am not against the current scheme, this was a just a thought…

Yes indeed.
Not only one Rosa and Lisa.
May be Rosa, Lisa and Elsa! :joy:

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Apple also has a billion dollar marketing budget.

Isn’t that mostly put towards ads and commercials etc. ?

Yep, when was the last time you saw an Anker commercial? Or any ad.

This is why they need word of mouth advertising.

So have you heard of them giving away iphones, airpods on their community?? Apple has considerably similar user community

Yeah, and anker does an excellent job of it.

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I have no idea whether they do or not but they don’t rely on word of mouth Apple actually spend money on advertising.

Actually when I think about it they give a way a ton of stuff to celebrities.

Exactly, Apple (may be) they give out to people who help spread the product info to Social media reviewers with huge fan following or publications, and kind of reputation they have they dont need to give it to any celebrity, its more of class to have an Apple product!!

Anker too can do the same , go more social media, with events and more innovative social media stuff to get the word out, have single point system, recognize members for their contribution as member of month or some annual VIP status, but get away done with this PBs


Some of ads which Anker has done is top notch, and can compete with any other big brand ads

Now missing bucks for visiting the community on the 20th 24th 26th and 28th. This is getting ridiculous.

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Yes, I got no visiting (28, 26, 24) points too.
(20 I can not see, but should be the same)
20 points missing. :sob:

Seems Rosa has to record these by hand, as the software is quite a crap.
Sometimes a little lazy our Rosa. :wink:

Ja they should recruit Elsa pretty soon.
Should be a job for her to add those points.

They need a good German woman, then total efficiency! lol