Any news about Geofencing?

According to the “New timeline” at this link, geofencing was supposed to be delivered in April-May. It’s now the 30th of May, I just got an app update and no signs of it. Is geofencing going to be the new IFTTT?
This is all very disappointing… :frowning:
@AnkerSupport, can you please comment?

Also, found this in the Eufy Security app Help section:

Step 2 references a menu “Security > Geofencing > Enabled Devices” that I can’t see… am I going blind?

what will it do?

You can change the mode from home to away or vice-versa and few other auto switches depending on your (phone) location.

Geofencing is scheduled to be added by the end of July. It will be included in an update :grin:


@AnkerSupport it’s now the 31st of July and still no geofencing. Has the plan changed? When will it be available?

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@carminecristallo There was an update on EufyCams from @AnkerOfficial here;

Geofencing is listed for launch in Q3 of 2019, so possibly in the next month or so if they stay on track…

I noticed when i tweaked my IFTTT that there are Geofencing activities (android code) in the app today. Did quick test to call them, but received permission denied. So seems they are working on it at least.