The Geofencing issues!



I’m been testing the geofencing feature and it doesn’t work well.
It takes ages to update when we leave the field of monitoring (when it does), these feature needs a lot of work and a better implementation to be usable and reliabel.
Are you working on developing this feature??

Rui Parreiral

@AnkerTechnical Perhaps you can assist?

Is this for a beta product? If it is, you can’t discuss it on forums like this

The OP is referring to the beta testing of Geofencing for Eufy cam’s as per @AnkerTechnical here


I find the geofence feature can work, but equally, the map can show my iphone, set up as the ‘utilized device’, slap band in the middle of the home zone but the cameras stay armed as if I was away. Anyone else experiencing this?

I’ve been testing the beta for a while now. The first 6 weeks it did not work at all. Then it started to switch me to away when I left but never to home. Now I leave my home for 5-15mins and it switches to away which is the most important part.

But once I come home it will take anywhere from 10 mins to 5 hours to switch back to home.

They were sending emails every couple of weeks asking for feedback and it seemed like the setup was improving steadily. But here lately I feel like they have stopped working on it, nothing seems to have gotten better for the last 2 months.

Yup same issues here. The geofence detection is not robust and reliable at the moment.