IFTTT, Geofencing, etc. for Eufycam E

To Anker/Eufy officials: I tried contacting support via the app but did not get any response. Can you provide an updated roadmap or at least some more info on the two hot topics IFTTT and Geofencing?
There are some threads here and there with different information, e.g. on reddit. Can you please give us something official we can work with?
Thank you, Ullrich

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Hi @Ullrich an update was provided by @AnkerTechnical here as per Geofencing

Last update for IFTT was here (I believe)


Well, that sounds like any other set phrase i´ve already read about it…

They’ve probably spent most of their time getting HomeKit support working for Eufycam 2…

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Hi @ndalby , is there any news on those two topics available?
Thank you, Ullrich

Not that I’ve heard of…

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical Can you advise for @Ullrich ?

Nope, No news on that any more!
Some times NO news is BAD news.

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Is there any progress in relation to Geofencing or IFTTT? @AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical


I can see that the geofencing is “activated” in Beta mode for Eufycam E… but…this geofencing is not able to turn on or off the cameras…so what is the purpose of the geofincing? I thought that the main purpose was not to have to turn on or off the cameras manually every time I get or leave home…

trying to make a decision on my next camera and would like to know about IFTTT support.

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