What products are on your wishlist for Anker to make next?

Just thought of this today while searching on amazon but some open back headphones would be nice. I don’t think they make a pair like this yet and if they do someone please let me know since I’ve been looking for a decent pair that won’t break the bank.

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Inspired by:


What about an Anker power suitcase? Here are some specs to start:

Anker PowerCase PD 20-26800
20" roller carry-on
26800 mAh battery built-in
2 USB-A IQ/QC something
1 USB-C PD delivering 45W

Or work with NINETYGO to get the PowerCore+ 26800 PD 45W embedded into it??

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All my gadgets are USBC and I have two USBC Powercore.

I just handed Amazon Basics £10 for two cables.

I’m currently using the Type A to C 6" from “Cable Creation” with my Powercore 10000 PD Slim. The cable recently began to fail, I have to move it a few times to work. I’m out biking for a few days and recharge the 10000 PD Slim overnight

That would be pretty cool!

Dual USB-C PD (PowerIQ 3.0) output Powercore. Both me and my wife have newer iPhones which support fast charging via USB-C PD so a battery with 2 USB-C PD outputs (at least 18W each) would be great.

I’ve got a few PowerPort III Duos (36W 2-Port PowerIQ 3.0) for the house and 2 PowerDrive III Duos (again 36W 2-Port PowerIQ 3.0) for the cars so a better equivalent which save us having to worry about having 2 types of cables.

That sound like a good idea but I think they would overheat, I’m obviously no engineer, just my guess lol

With all of the awesomeness that @professor has been sharing by means of his bike tours… I would like to see anker look to develop a

waterproof bike dynamo hub with USB out…

would be able to use in a pinch if other power sources were depleted…

Trick would be to be able to have it such that it could deliver 5v 2a (maybe backwards… :thinking:)


I already have this. I use a SON hub and a B&M Luxos U. The hub creates max 6W. If you ride with lights off then it’s all available for USB but if lights on only get USB power at higher speeds. I can usually finish the day with a charged phone.

So I’d take your idea and tweak it. If Anker made a bike light which took the hub output , 6V AC I think, and generated light but any unused excess power charged an internal cell and it had USB output then the light can be recharged and be a power bank.

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Would love to see weatherproof outdoor motion sensor for eufy cameras. Have zones that need early detection to start cameras sooner. Recording delay misses people walking through.

Just adding my 2 cents that a water leak sensor would be a great addition.

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I love their truly wireless earbuds, but I would like if they made a pair that supports multipoint or multiple devices. I believe Jabra’s truly wireless earbuds are the only other ones, but they run on slave/master mode.

Since USB-C is mainstream now, could we get an upgrade on the PowerStrip Pad?

Looks like the above, but let’s call it PowerStrip Pad 2:
2 AC Outlets
3 USB-C PD (up to 60W on one port)
2 USB-A (12W each)

Basically add 2 USB-C PD ports the existing power strip, then increase the USB-C PD to 60W MAX on at least one port. If all 5 ports are used, maybe around 100W combined? Start at $59.99, and super special sale (Black Friday, Prime Day, etc.) for $39.99.

While we’re at it, could we get a PowerCore 22000C?

No Micro-USB.
Just 2 USB-C PD.

Maybe 45W from each port?


Sounds good, but I counter suggest with 65W from one port and if you use both ports it intelligently senses each connected device needs and shares 65W out. Say you connected a flat iphone and a flat MPB then it does 18W+45W.


That would be great with it intelligently sensing that would be so nice


Not a product but an app! A user interface for a mobile device is much needed in my opinion.

They exist for many Soundcore and Eufy products.

**Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture Headphones. A headphone version of the Liberty 2 pro and you can throw ANC and transparency in there as well. :wink:

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Powerhouse II 600??

An electric generator