What products are on your wishlist for Anker to make next?

An octopus dongle with usb c, lightning, usb a, and hdmi.

I have been saying that Anker should get in to the creator business, make some Lav mics with decent quality, maybe lights. Also a car camera capable of 4k and 1080p 120fps option will be nice.


How about smart plugs and maybe integrate smart functionality into the PowerStrips.
@AnkerOfficial did I mention we would like PowerStrips in the UK? :rofl:

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I’ve wanted Anker to do the power strips over here for ages now! Not sure if it’s ever going to happen though. :laughing:

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Anker / SoundCore should get into Professional Phone Headset Business… companies buy headsets for end users in bulk , and keep replacing / updating once in 2 years… currently Plantronics, Jabra and now Cisco are the ones being bought. Would have liked to see the Anker come in this group.


Smart plug can be found Here

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Cool, and thanks.
£22.99 ($29.76) each on Amazon.co.uk.
Way too much.

I wish that Anker stops making devices using micro-USB. I have several USB-C devices now (Dell computer, iPad Pro, Google Pixel 2, some Anker power banks), and I wish all peripherals used USB-C.

Other than my Amazon Fire 8, the only devices that I have that still use micro-USB are Anker devices: Liberty Air, Neo, Bolder LC90 flashlight, and some of the power banks.

With Anker - Soundcore Speakers such Flare Series or Icon Series, Soundcore utilizes True Wireless Stereo technology, such that you can pair your Soundcore speaker with another Bluetooth speaker of same make to explore the best sound effects with left and right sound channels separated on both speakers.

Can this same be provisioned / implemented for the headsets such as Liberty 2 Pro or Liberty Series or the Spirit Series,… 2 users can listen the same audio / music with single source…

Apple has done it with Airpods with sharing (cumbersome actually :frowning: ) would love to see this feature from Soundcore for the headsets, since this is available on Speakers. Not looking for True Stereo but same audio channel available on both the headsets

What I am looking for is – say I have 2 Spirit X headsets, I press the pairing button on both for 3 seconds, and these are paired together… and i pair one of these to iPhone, and play audio on both from iPhone as source (or any smartphone for that matter)

Posted this on Soundcore Collective separately

Time to upgrade to fire 10 :joy:

I almost did, on BF. Just for the USB-C.
Wife stopped me.
I rarely use my Fire 8 as is.

Its better to have some check on buying stuff you will hardly use… :+1: good decision !

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I’d like to see 2K and 4K cameras similar to the Arlo Pro 3 and Ultra? I’ve been impressed with the Eufy line of products but would like to see better sensors especially in hardwired products like the floodlight camera.

2 ports pd charger with 60w piq 3.0 usb c and 18w piq2.0 usb a, total 78w, gan tech, usb if certified, smaller than powerport atom 3 60w A2613


1 port pd charger with 60w piq 3.0 gan tech with folding pins, usb if certified, and please make it small, about the size of powerport 3 mini A2615

i am currently using powerport atom pd2 A2029, combine with verbatim travel adapter for usb a whenever i travel. the combo work for all my gadget (laptop, iphone, earphone, powerbank).
however since ravpower releasing their small 60w usb c ganfast charger, i have been using this small charger more and more. its lightweight and powerful.

How about an action-cam?
Anker has Roav offering dash-cams so an action-cam shouldn’t be much of a development jump from that!
Offering upgrades/bundles with underwater or action accessories.
There are loads of “no name” Chinese brands on the market so think one from Anker would go down a storm!

Does Anker have a Power Core that offers wireless charging in addition to USB and USB-C. I’d like to see that capability of a wireless charging pad on a power core.

Would love to see something similar to ravpower’s file hub coming from Anker

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1ft usb a 3.1 to usb c powerline 2 cable

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Just thought of this today while searching on amazon but some open back headphones would be nice. I don’t think they make a pair like this yet and if they do someone please let me know since I’ve been looking for a decent pair that won’t break the bank.

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Inspired by:


What about an Anker power suitcase? Here are some specs to start:

Anker PowerCase PD 20-26800
20" roller carry-on
26800 mAh battery built-in
2 USB-A IQ/QC something
1 USB-C PD delivering 45W

Or work with NINETYGO to get the PowerCore+ 26800 PD 45W embedded into it??

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