Welcome to the ALL-NEW Anker Community!

that link may have been pre-release beta community, as the link suggests, starting with beta

https://beta-community.anker.com/c/ideas-suggestions (Non-Working) ===> https://community.anker.com/c/ideas-suggestions (Working)

@AnkerOfficial please fix this link on the post

thanks for pointing out @Matt_Tabor

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Thanks for helping point me in the right direction! :wink:

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Fantastic, exciting new community, thanks for keeping the community growing and being all that it is :thumbsup:

Do you think you are here in the right place?
(canon forum should be better :wink:)
If so, we would like to know more specific infos.

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I swear is anker listening to our concerns on the community who else thinks we need to lower the amount of entries on the power draw to ten per person I mean I made a whole thread on this no changes :frowning::frowning:

Thanks For Letting Me Join. I Seen This In A Giveaway On My Facebook And What I Didn’t Realize Was That Im Already Using One Of Your Amazing Products. Im So Excited To Be Apart Of This Awesome Community


One voice doesnt create one sound, you need to get many voices combined to create ine sound that can be heard. Your barking up the wrong tree by yourself


One of them is me :joy::joy:

Welcome to the community man :+1:

Really love the new upgrade thanks anker for all your great work

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NICE TO MEET YOU HERE!!!:crazy_face:

Sweet thing dudes and dudines! Love to see what you did!

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Welcome! New friend!:relaxed:

Thank you my friends! Feels good to see you again.

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This is the most innovative online community that I’ve been apart of! This is so cool!


Welcome to the community! This is a great space to get help, share, and talk tech. Its very useful as well as fun. I hope you enjoy it.

Welcome new guys!