Welcome to the ALL-NEW Anker Community!


Adding to above responses from @Insider and @Ndalby Pinned posts appear on top, mostly on forum posts (example - check the latest tab) Only admins can pin the threads.

Look at the circled “pin” icon on these posts.


+1 :+1: :ok_hand:


I switched over to dark mode over the weekend, and I’m loving it too! It makes the site so much easier to read for me.


I agree :clap:


That makes sense but I was confused because of a setting in the User Interface section. As you can see, under “Other,” one can check/uncheck “automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom.” Thank you everyone that has responded to my question. :slight_smile:


According to our original plan, community app will be released within 3 months.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You could check your personal profile in advance!:blush:


We will increase points contest, so you will have more opportunity to get points rewards than before.:sunglasses:


So is the project still on track for release in 3 months :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We will! Don’t forget to keep an eye on the community!


Got it! It could be improved!:hugs:


We are all in, waiting!! Best of luck for speedy release :+1:


Funny enough to know that only 28 members have read the forum guidelines :smirk:



looks good!


Love the involvement!


There are about 41 members who have received the Aficionado badge for visiting the community for 100 consecutive days, received mine today :slight_smile:


Welcome to join the community!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey @AnkerOfficial or @AnkerTechnical -

I click the link in your post for Ideas and Suggestions, but the page never opens. Has anyone else had issues with this, or is my phone trying to tell me I have nothing to offer you?! Ha ha!


@Matt_Tabor can you please copy / paste the link or the picture where you see this issue… I am able to open it on desktop and mobile, both look fine


Here’s the link: https://beta-community.anker.com/c/ideas-suggestions