We Love Testing | PowerPort Atom PD 2 (US Only)



Or may be.. when these emails were sent, the member is supposed to reply back within 3 days.. may be these users didn't reply with the 3 days. Anker hence chose new testers


Yes, the people who didn't confirm their participation on time will be seen as giving up the opportunity of testing.


Yes'm I have received the emails and confirmation as well as gotten the shipped email. I didn't want to say anything because I wasn't sure if it was from this or separate. Can't wait to get it and put it through the paces


Oh yeah, I can finally test my new meter out too can't wait


What's in the box?!


Hello, I have received a defective device to test. Do I co tact standard support or someone else?


I found - contacted support@anker.com


You can dm anker here instead if you like


congrats to the winners cant wait to see your reviews


My review is up. I've posted it to the community here: https://community.anker.com/t/anker-powerport-atom-pd-2-review/69341

You can also go to the full reviews directly on my sites:



Thanks again for the opportunity to check out the charger.


Hello @AnkerOfficial! Thanks again for the opportunity to test the PowerPort Atom PD 2! Please enjoy my review!


My review is up! Please check it out! https://community.anker.com/t/we-love-testing-anker-powerport-atom-pd-2-review-charge-fast-live-more/69477?u=spencerjames


So many good reviews, thanks guys :thumbsup:
@queuebitt @gobran.andrew @SpencerJames


Here is the link to my review https://community.anker.com/t/my-review-of-the-anker-powerport-atom-pd-2/69492


My review:

On Community Forums:

On Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/review/B07DFGXLY4/R3A6MCE9EOKETQ?ref=pf_ov_at_pdctrvw_srp


Thank you to be part of Anker family!:sunglasses: