We Love Testing | PowerDrive 2 Alloy



Get well soon :thumbsup:


Hope you will get better by tomorrow :thumbsup:


We need 50 testers!:grin:


I see its o
Up.on the power draw this week too..


Sleek & compact design, I like it :grin: As my PowerDrive+ is still going strong it will be a miss for me this time around....

Good luck to the community members entering :four_leaf_clover:


Finally Italy residents !!!!

I hope to try this products !!!


Thanks I would love to test this


this would be perfect gift for our daughter's car (after i finish testing in my car :wink: ).. love to test.. thanks


Yes, if we reach 50 before the Powerdraw and know who is winnig, the rest have chance to bid in the draw.


excellent advice :thumbsup:

There are 52 entries already and it is only Monday :smiley:


Wow this is crazy... 33 entries for Lumi too... and just Monday!!!


That means none of you should enter... it’s not worth it :sweat:


Yes, not worth for you, you can get it cheaper online or in walmart, not available in CAnada, we deserve it :grin:


There’s too many entries... you can’t win...


I have to add that chances of winning are very slim. I had 33% chance of winning the roav in last week's draw and about 18.9% chance of winning the earphones. Used a lot of powerbucks and still didn't win. Basically lost about 400 powerbucks even with such high odds so if I were you @Ice1 I would wait until Friday to make a decision


powerdraw is a no go :smile:


i was so surprised by this too it was crazy


The market is saturated with Power Bucks. Who's in charge of the Federal Reserve, @AnkerOfficial? We need inflation!


We need a democracy! Rather than this sad excuse of a futile system! :joy: