We Love Testing | PowerDrive 2 Alloy




Thanks @Shivam_Shah going to do the same… hope the draw will not be closed early on Thursday again … LOL


Appreciate if you can share the link for this test. Can’t find it… thanks


@Devesh_Batra which test you are talking about? if it is about PowerDrive 2, go to the top of this page/discussion and click on the application to fill your details to enter in to the draw to win 1 of 50 prizes…


I’ll skip this since I already have a Roav Spectrum, F0, Bolt and Powerdrive PDII
All the best to those who entered :thumbsup:
I think I entered earlier but will deny if selected :slight_smile:


Hope it’s not closed lol. Good luck if you do decide to enter the draw


wow almost one thousand responses
need to change my testing plan i think


Those are not actual responses / application submitted but just a click count. Though the application submission may be 70 to 80% of actual clicks… ( Wild guess … Don’t hold it against me :grin: )


Just spam it 1000 times :joy:


No, it’s not closed… that says, they didn’t get their expecting 50 yet… not sure who/what that will be… :thinking:


I meant the draw. As in hope it’s not closed on Friday when you try to enter if you want


I am sure they got more than 50 there… we are just waiting on them to announce the testers / winners :smiley:


I gotta say out of that 1000 clicks. I clicked it like 8 times :joy:


You probably are right… it’s just matter of time for @AnkerOfficial to announce the winners !!


I didn’t enter, but good luck to everyone else!


Just realized that I should have been able to announce PowerDrive Alloy 2-3 days before this post was made… :disappointed_relieved:

Sorry, everyone.


Lol, I don’t think anyone minds that much :joy:


It’s alright man, you already post a lot of info :thumbsup::clap:


Nice! Thanks


They might not announce winners on here. Anyone forum members lucky enough to get an email?