We Love Testing | PowerDrive 2 Alloy



I haven’t decided if I’ll enter yet. Since I have the bolt, I might just stick with that 🤷‍♂️


At first I entered but then I decided to withdraw from the event. So I will sit this one out :innocent:


Lovely product


Entered :slight_smile: Will see if this works better than Smartcharge Spectrum


youre back!!!! you were well missed


Did you receive the Bolt yet?


Yep. I can’t test it out much, because I’m really sick...


damn feel better man. is the ... to leave us in suspense about your sickness???


Take care and rest well .. testing can wait :innocent:


Eating the fish which you haven't caught? :joy:

But may be, being not here, have caused the sickness.
Write some comments and you will feel much better after!


I’m not sure what it is.... I feel absolutely horrible.... body aches, and I have a migraine, and I’m the most tired I’ve ever been.... and I’ve I had plenty of sleep... I probably shouldn’t be on the community because of the headache but I’m super board...

@Shenoy I’ll probably be better in time to write a review in a few weeks 🤣.

@Chiquinho maybe I forgot to cook them :confused:.. jk


the computer will probably make your migraine worse. take it from someone who has had three concussions technology does not make it better. but this forum is addictive so i can understand. feel better soon. rest take a nap


Diagnosis from far away is not possible.


Weeds never get killed by such trivialities.

And as far you are able to write it shouldn't be as bad.


Always happy and good to hear fellow Community members are in good health, will look out when you post your review!


@TechMan jokes aside but did you go for a swim in pond or some warm waters?
If it don't improve quickly you need to go to ER right away and get checked for Naegleria fowleri


Is it the brain eating bacteria?? Have read some news of it for people swimming in backwaters


I did go swimming in a lake... none of the friends I went with are sick.?.?.?

I’m starting to think I might be dehydrated... since I was in the sun a lot, and didn’t drink anymore water than normal...


you could just be sick in general instead of crazy brain eating bacteria. not that that one is ruled out.


I sincerely hope that I'm wrong. I'm again telling you that if you don't feel good by tonight you need to see a doctor asap.
For those who take this lightly, in the past 58 years there has only been 145 cases of Naegleria fowleri in US. It is extremely rare infection but is almost 100% fatal.


Was just talking to my wife about this. I have a Power Drive speed 2 that she keeps taking out of my car because her car will connect to apple car play as soon as she plugs the phone into the USB. Ironically I open up anker.com to find this. The alloy looks awesome and would match perfectly. Good luck everyone!