We Love Testing | PowerDrive 2 Alloy



Thanks @tugar32 hoping @AnkerOfficial reserves more numbers for non-US residents as they get loaded with tonnes of these events specific to US anyway.

And yes, this PowerDrive looks cute and minimalistic (@professor way) avoid using 2 chargers for my phones and dashcam.

Love to test it in Canadian weather :grin:

And good luck everyone :thumbsup:


ohh that does look nice too bad my car already have usb slots


Great event!! :heart_eyes:
Good luck to everyone :four_leaf_clover:


i like how small and compact it looks


Still a lot of countries tho


I wish @AnkerOfficial reserves few for us north of the border :thinking:


I entered, I wouldnt mind replacing my old Powerdrive 2


I like the metallic/alloy look of it


There are around 133 "clicks", hope all of these got converted to actual application submission :smiley:


Mostly car is not used.
So others might be much better than I would be! :grin:


Just entered, no issues with google doc, hope Anker fixed it.
Thanks @AnkerOfficial
Good luck everyone :thumbsup:


Not something I need so good luck to those who apply.

Hardly, the car it is not minimalist. Bike or foot is minimalist.


Not even sure how to write this testing plan. Might just be overthinking :thinking:


I do like this design.

Will try and dream about a winning test plan and enter tomorrow - if it’s still open 🀞🏻


Wow! This is awsome design. One of the most beautiful designs that I have ever seen! :slight_smile:


Agree, but if you had to use car any way then going minimalistic within the car. Such as avoid any mods and customization, add gadgets as little as needed, and a space saver multi purpose one like this PowerDrive ?


Thanks! Glad for another event! 50 winners is a lot!


I had to withdrew from this event. Good luck to those who entered it :thumbsup:


Why aren’t you entering? :pensive:


As much as I like this charger, I don't think it's for me. Besides I don't think it can fast charge my phone and therefore I couldn't give a good review. So I'd rather let someone else get it and benefit from it.

It's not like I was gonna win for sure but still :joy::joy: