The Next Generation: Charging Forward

At Anker, we’ve been hard at work on some incredible new technology that will lead the charge in the mobile world. Now it’s finally time to share these new innovations with you, and we couldn’t be more excited!

We’re thrilled to announce PowerCore II, the latest evolution of our signature portable charging series. The all-new aesthetic casing contains a ton of power coursing beneath the hood—slashing charging times by a breathtaking 25%.

The cornerstone of PowerCore II is the groundbreaking new smart-charging technology: PowerIQ 2.0. Combining blazing-fast current with unprecedented compatibility, PowerIQ 2.0 enables almost any device—from Android Quick Charge phones to Apple devices—to charge at blistering speeds.

This unbelievable compatibility renders PowerCore II the be all and end all charging solution. No more rummaging for separate chargers for each device in an attempt to access your device’s top speed. Just connect to PowerCore II and watch it scream to life in the blink of an eye.

Nor is the power limited to output alone. PowerIQ 2.0 is multi-directional, meaning letting PowerCore take advantage of incredible recharging speeds.

Both versions of PowerCore II are equipped with an 8-point LED indicator, letting you know your remaining power in an instant, at the touch of a button.

PowerCore II series portable chargers are all covered with a sleek, precision-etched surface, ensuring pleasing handfeel and superior grip.

PowerCore II 10000 is incredibly compact, designed for perfect portability. About the length and width of a credit card, and about half an inch thick—fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand, a pocket, and wherever the journey takes you.

PowerCore II 20000 may not be quite as small as its sibling, but the slight increase in size comes with a massive power capacity for its twin USB ports. Charge flagship phones up to 6.5 times and keep power on hand for days and days. You might even forget what a wall outlet looks like.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on PowerCore II, so we’re giving out 100 of our 20000mAh model for free. Just head over here and login to your Anker account. Use our social media share buttons or copy the referral link to get your family and friends to sign up for an Anker account. Once we confirm that three new members have signed up using your unique referral URL, you’ll automatically be entered to win.

If you’re not from the US or Canada, don’t worry! Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be repeating this giveaway in the UK, France, Germany, and Italy. Your chance to win is coming soon.

What do you think about PowerCore II and PowerIQ 2.0? Leave your comments below!


So is there 220 winners or 100?? The rules say 100 winners will be chosen at random by Anker. Just want to clarify :slight_smile:

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Refer your friends to sign up for an Anker account, and don’t forget to tell them: our community is also great, here always welcome new members to join!:heart:


We will select a total of 100 winners.:grin:


I referred twice and it still says 0/3 . Do the referrals actually have to sign up with Anker to make them count?


superb giveaway why is the uk not involved

I believe it’s due to the fact that it is not available to buy in the UK yet (most products are released in the US first due to larger customer base). It will probably make it over here in the next month or so.

Would be nice to see some UK only competitions :wink:


This is awesome! Anker is awesome!

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This is exciting news. Yay Anker! :slight_smile:


thank you never really thought in that cheers for the reply

Looks great. I need a new one too. I’ve lost my power core 20100 over the weekend while attending a wedding. I’m so gutted :frowning2:

This looks amazing. Bravo Anker :slight_smile:

I believe so, yes.


the 18W is from 5v or a different voltage?

These look beastly. I hope I win one!

Awesome! Great to see this new tech coming through

so this is a simplified version of QC2 and IQ1, the charging time for apple product is still the same right? does this support PD charging?

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This looks great. Did my social media posts. Will see how it goes

The charging time for iPhones should be the same, however the new version may be slightly slower for iPads.

Nonetheless, if Apple devices are all you plan to charge, this wouldn’t be the number one recommendation as it adds:
-unnecessary bulk
-unnecessary weight
-higher price tag with no benefit
-slower charging for iPads

The one benefit we may see is if there are IQ 2.0 PowerPorts that come out in the near future that are the only way to recharge the PowerCore II at full speed (not sure this would be ideal for everyone, though).

Sure doesn’t.

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Is there a way we can check how many we have had sign up with the link?