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Why is he protected by your (what I consider) insult, by refering to posted topics as pure point farming.

I don't post, or comment to get points, if I did, I'd be a lot more active than I am, and I'd be posting all sorts of shit .. yes I get points for doing so, but that's not the reason the MAJORITY do so.

What's the points of points, if there's nothing to use them on?

Active, is by being a regular partaker in the forum. How regular to be active? That's the key! I'd say at least once a month, to stay being considered "active".


is the winner already announced ?


This contest is joke... an April fools joke...


Makes sense to me.


I’m not complaining :tongue:


Anker honors all thier events, this is in my experience. If they mentioned that there are 800 winners... With 30 from forum, they have definitely emailed or will email them. Some may have not checked emails or not active on Anker Community.


They haven't been announced but if you didn't get an email saying you won, then you did not win


This is one of the contest where they won't announce who wins as its strictly via email. They may choose to disclose them, but generally they do not


Yea you are right, they won't display people's emails. Sucks we didn't win. Maybe in the next contest we will be more lucky


They don’t have to.... they can just post the usernames as per the usual.?.?.


I think it is a fair conclusion, if someone got the email they won, if not - better luck next time :smile:


That's actually a good way to let people know and still keep their privacy. However it's been a few days and I haven't received an email so most likely I did not win :sob:


Yeah, I think anyone would have received the email already.

I’m just wondering where my coupon is :persevere:


Lol I've been checking my email for the coupon and nothing so far


@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical where's the coupon code we were promised for entering


I really want mine :disappointed:. If it’s an 18w USB-C Charger, and the USB-C to lighting cable for a reasonable price, i will buy it


Congrats to the winners hope to find out who else won


@TechMan @ikari04warrior Sorry that you didn't receive the code due to a system error. We will resend the email to you soon.
@Tank Based on our record, you've received the email so that we're unable to resend it to you.


I didn’t receive an email with a code yet either.

My email is hosted by yahoo. I often see email offers posted here, but don’t get them.


Ok, I see I did get the code. For those wondering the email is titled "This one is for you"