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@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical when can we expect to get our discount codes?


Wasn’t there meant to be 30 community winners?

Has the vast majoriry gone to the lurkers :eyes: again?


Still waiting


That’s what I am starting to think. I believe there are around 77k members. It never said that they had to comment on this thread or anything, so people may have won that haven’t been on in ages :man_shrugging:



Not trying to start anything, but how did you get to that number of members? 77k? I was thinking more like a few thousand


You can get the count of users from the menu… screenshot below


Oh man I really look like a newbie right now. And yes @TechMan was right, it’s over 77k users. Wow I thought there were between 5000 and 10000 at most :sweat_smile:


Was trying to upload the screenshot didn’t let me upload :rofl:


Never again doubt my knowledge! Except for in the regular occasion that I’m wrong… :joy:


:sob:I was way off with my numbers lol. Probably because I always talk to the same group of people :joy:


I beleive someone said there are only around 70 “active members”. I think that was based on making at least 7 comments in the past 2 weeks or something like that…

Those numbers/stats could be off, so don’t quote me on them :joy::wink:


It’s ok to be wrong, we are humans after all… Not Marvel characters to be perfect all the time :joy:


Lol I was thinking more like 20 to 30 active members. We need to do a roll call lol


Yes! @AnkerOfficial needs to make an un-stickied post asking who all the active members are :joy:


Good idea :clap::clap:


“active” is subjective, I don’t want to start a flame, but if you filtered new threads out as majority (other than @joshuad11 ) are just bucks harvesting. Replies, if you exclude as they can be just “good job!” bot replies and then focus on received likes - also easily open to bots but assume these are real people, then you get:

So if you said those getting 2+ likes/month is 38 excluding Anker and mods.

This is primarily why Anker is making competitions to get new members, as this forum is here to drive sales, and “you only need so much Anker” so you won’t sell much more product to a small set of people, you have to get more people interested.

I got the Xmas prize box (thanks) won I think 1 Powerdraw, that’s been all I got from Anker in 2019. They are picking those who make videos and lots of followers as this forum is 99.9% about driving sales - revenue - eyeballs - demand.

Am I right or am I right.


Good job!

Lol jk. I try to stay away from the simple replies and actually type more than the usual ‘good job or nice deal’ but I think we all started like that when we were new to the community. I noticed some events are for new people and I get your point on Anker needing them for more sales and spread the word.
So in short, yes YOU ARE RIGHT :raised_hands::clap:


@professor, we are very fortunate to have you in this community. Seriously, thank you for all you bring to the discussion. :heart:

But other contributors (not just star contributors) make quality posts as well.


If a filter would be used to “mark” those “simple replies”, there would really a huge slimming.