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First time I've checked my email today (bit of an unplugged day) but this was a welcome surprise :slight_smile:

Congrats also to @Macgyver15 & @Chiquinho :clap:


Omg so lucky I haven’t got one :weary:


It’s starting to look like anker only chose the active community members... super glad of that! Congrats!


Just checked mine ..... I won :raised_hands:🏻

Thank you @AnkerOfficial and congrats to all the other winners :clap:🏻:clap:🏻


This is awesome to see so many active and regular members winning!

Congrats guys. :grin:


Welp another one bites the dust, congrats to all those who won. Very well deserved, enjoy


Wow! CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so siked that so many active members have won!!!.!.!

Thanks @AnkerTechnical for choosing so many active members!


Congratulations to all the winners!!! :clap::clap::clap::clap:


So far we have 5 out of 30 community members who won, congrats guys!!


Maybe they haven’t all been emailed yet :grin:. Not likely, but I’m hoping :joy:


Lol here's to hoping then!! :innocent::joy: I've been checking my email like crazy today


I at least want my coupon :joy:


That is wishful :slight_smile: hope that is true, 25 more winners' email is still in queue :joy:


Haha. It’s possible that the other 25 just aren’t active, and won’t report on here :joy:.

Why did you change your name?


Oh that's right, we are supposed to be getting coupons too. Maybe they are some GOOD coupons


I still hope those email are in queue :laughing:

changed name for my quest of unique name :joy:


nothing here, checked spam and trash. Nope.


From time to time the old (me) and eldest (you) crew is honored! :wink:


Anyone who hasn’t won had a discount code email?

I have the cable in my basket on Amazon, just waiting if there is a code?

I must add, getting email offers etc. is sporadic at best. I often see an offer email posted here that I didn’t receive. And I have checked my spam folder too...


I don't think the discount code email is sent yet