The Fastest Way to Charge an iPhone | Sign Up to WIN



just entered. Wish everyone luck


Anker is always best and fastest. Keep up the great work!


The best tech accessories ive ever used. Thanks Anker!


I just realized that more then 50% of YouTube channels I follow are Canadienses. I know it has nothing to do with Canada not been part of the five away but I just want to let you know :joy:


Wow :open_mouth::smile:
Thanks Anker!


I don’t remember if I completed the sign up? What will happen if I completed and I was already in? Do I get disqualify???? :scream:


I think I have signed in twice, same Id of course.
Too many competitions and sign ins for an old man! :joy:


Thanks, I will completed again just in case :grimacing:


I happened to have bought an Amazon Basics charger very recently because the old charger had a bad connector.
I would be very interested to see if a high tech charger does provide a better user experience than a standard charger. I have to admit that the looks of an Anker product are better.

Now let’s hope I am one of those lucky guys, assuming I am a guy :grinning:


Good luck everyone! Wish I could enter but I live in Belgium :disappointed:


Im in (uk one) could do with a fast charger


I rly don't know if I should just buy the charger and cable bundle on Amazon rn for they are on sale. Feel like I have no hope to win lol


signed up yay good luck


This compact unit looks amazingly impressive.

Thank you (again) Anker for running 'must have product' competitions.

Good luck to all taking part.


good luck to all the entries!


new member here. good luck to all!


Welcome to the community!!!


Thanks anker! I


Nice prize. Good luck to all,
It would be nicer if the prize is available to Canadians also.......


Thanks anker!